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Doug a 46 years playing as a single digit capper, playing for 50 years

I am a Golf Travel Dude. I have been blessed to travel to play golf at most of the great links courses of the British Isles. Having made 21 trips there. I organize trips for myself and others. My standard set up is rent a place for the group and coordinate play at the best available places. The beauty of the British Isles is that most every course allows visitor play. Maybe a special trip organized for some Golf Spies would make sense. I am also a golf course rater and utilize that availability to play many of the best courses in the US as well as Internationally. I hope to share advise and counsel on the best ways to plan your golf trip.   

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Epic Flash 9 &15

Titliest 915 18&21

Staff 5 to G

Ping SW

Wide Flange LW

TM Spider X


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I was introduced to the game of golf at an early age by my dad even though I couldn’t play due to a neurological disease called dystonia. I walked on a walker from the age of 7 until I had deep brain stimulation surgery at the age of 21. I remember always going to the course with my dad and riding in the cart and watching him play and those were some of my best memories. After I had brain surgery, I was able to finally learn how to play the game I loved with my dad as my coach. Unfortunately, he developed health issues shortly after that and we weren’t able to really play together but he would ride with me and watch me play then. We would stay up-to-date on all the golf equipment news thanks to MyGolfSpy. He passed away on 9/23/19 and he always said he wished we could play together one more time, so I played my first round of golf after his death with his clubs. Any time I’m on the course, I wear my dog tag with his finger print on it so that I can enjoy the game I love thanks to him introducing me to it. I’m striving to break my low score of 78 but I know my dad is still watching me play every round.

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I'm Bob, in 1980 I was working as an Assistant Prosecutor in Jersey City, NJ. I had never played a round of golf and only gone to play miniature golf and make a fool of myself at a driving range. In my county the superior court judges had what was called judges playday where as a group have a golf outing at an upscale country club. The local bar was always welcome to go but the cost was way beyond what an Asst Pros. could afford.  The county prosecutor was an avid golfer and knowing we were underpaid gave all the attorneys the option of playing his public course on playday. If you did not play you had to work. A no brainer there. One of my friends in the office who played gave some basic lessons and understanding golf etiquette. With a borrowed set of clubs the big day came. I shot a sizzling 127 ( could not forget that score ), however because it was callaway scoring I won. And then by some miracle I also won the longest drive. ( As a group we were not very good ). I have never looked back. Softball, tennis, basketball good bye. Got my wife to play, one daughter got a golf scholarship. Retired now I play 150 rounds of golf a year. The best is I have more friends than I have time to play with. I am a lucky guy. A thank you to the late James T. O' Hallaran former Hudson County Prosecutor and retired NJ. Superior Court Judge.

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My name is Mark. I started golf at 12 and played munis in Milwaukee at age13. I was a single digit handicap when I  was in my early 20's. I did, however, study music performance at The University of Wisconsin-Madison and my time to hit the links diminished quite a lot. By my late 30's I was lucky to play 3 to 4 times a summer.

Graduate studies in Austria followed. Then life got even more hectic. Golf soon  became just something my son and I enjoyed together.

Life consisted of conducting high school, college and semi-professional performance groups and singing leading roles in 4-6 professional and semiprofessional operas a year in the US and Europe.

I ended up in Singapore, where the cost of playing golf was just too pricey.

When I returned to the States, I decided to retire, only to become involved in suicide prevention at the request of a former student.  It was at  the same time that I decided to return to golf, only to suffer a major injury to my right foot.

I started up golf again 8 months later, only to find myself getting more modern clubs;  the previous times I played I had used persimmons!!

I first came to to MGS to learn about selecting new weapons!!

Life today consists of range work or playing a round 2 - 5 times a week, working with various groups on suicide prevention (including talking to NPR), some sub-teaching to pay my golf addiction, and simply enjoying my life with all te energy I have.  

I did my first MGS equipment review this past month and loved the experience.

Down to a 15 handicap, still far from perfect, yet enjoying all things golf more than when I was a kid.


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In My BELDIN Green Bay Packer 1999 Super Bowl Champions Bag  :  :ping: G410 Plus, Alta Red CB 55 SR Flex, GX-7 14º(acting as a 3 wood),  :ping:   G400 4H, 5H. Sr Flex,   :ping:  G400 6i Sr Flex, G-Max 7i. 9i Sr Flex , Glide 2.0  Wedges graphite SR Shafts (50º, 56º, 60º),  :ping: Putter: Cadence Mid-TR 350g :bridgestone: e12 for the items I try to hit on purposematte red, so I can see them. :footjoy: on my feet and hands, US Embassy-Singapore hat on my head (with PACKERS, Brewers or UW-Badgers hats as options).


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I have probably the most unique background of anyone in the profession. I am currently a professional golfer/golf coach, but started out my life as a classical pianist. I fell in love (permanently) with the game when Tiger broke on the scene. After 5 1/2 years in the Army (I am now a 100% Disabled Retired Veteran), I decided to follow my true passion and set out on the journey to professional golf. I’m currently fundraising in order headed out on tour full time next season (shameless plug😜). I use MGS almost exclusively when it comes time to make equipment changes. Hands down the best investigative journalism in the equipment sector of the industry!

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As a caddy at 13, to working in a golf shop, being selected as an Evan's Scholar, and achieving full PGA membership, I guess you could say I've had a pretty full golf life - and it just keeps getting better!

But, reading some of these replies posted above me is truly humbling. 

I just do my best to give back to the game that has given me so much.

Golf...a game you can't win


But, you can hate it & enjoy it at the same time



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Hello, friends...
I’m Mike (a.k.a. HardcoreLooper), playing out of Richmond, VA (a.k.a. Brooklyn with Confederate monuments).  For my day job, I manage consultants for the greatest software company on Earth (Red Hat).  When not at work or on the road, I help teach kids life skills and leadership through the game of golf at The First Tee of Greater Richmond.  I play a majority of my golf with my two amazing daughters, one is a freshman at William and Mary, while the other is navigating the wilds of middle school.  My long-suffering wife supports all of our golfing adventures, but we just can’t get her on the course with us.

I started playing 40 years ago at age 8, knocking wiffle balls around the yard and playing a par 3 course with my dad and grandfather a couple times a year, but I really didn’t get a chance to play regularly until I started caddying in 8th grade (where my screen name comes from).  I played all through high-school, good enough to be almost competitive in tournaments that mattered.  The dream died in college, but I kept working at the club over the summer and hitting balls between shifts.  Once I got a decent enough job and some buddies looking for a chance to play, I was back out on the course on the regular.  It’s gals before pals these days, and I wouldn’t trade these times with my girls for anything.  But now that there’s a critical mass of forum members in the DMV (Delaware/Maryland/Virginia) area, I’m trying to get folks together to get out and play.

I’m lucky enough to be selected as a tester for MGS twice, once for the Cobra Connect Challenge 2, and more recently for the PuttOUT test.  I’m still gaming the F8s, I’m still addicted to the data from Arccos, and my daughter and I still practice with the PuttOUT.  In addition to that, I gave the Tour Edge HL4 Ironwood a chance based on the Most Wanted Driving Iron testing, and I’m playing the Snell MTB-X based on the recent ball testing.  I’ve been contributing to MGS for the last few years because they really do bring knowledge that the golf consumer has never had access to before.

What's in the bag:
Driver - :cobra-small: F8 - Aldila NV Blue 60 ( S )
3 Wood (13.5*) - :titleist-small: 980F 
4 Wood (18*) - :cobra-small: F8 - Aldila NV Blue 60 ( S )
3 Hybrid (19*) - :taylormade-small: RBZ
4i - PW - :wilson_staff_small: D7 Forged - Recoil 760 ( S )
52* - :cleveland-small: CBX
58* - :cleveland-small: CBX Full Face 2
Putter - :ping-small: Craz-e
Bag - :1590477705_SunMountain: 2.5 (Blue)
Ball -  :titleist-small: AVX
Instagram - @hardcorelooper
Twitter - @meovino
Facebook - mike.eovino



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Hi, my name is Carlos, 43, engineer and part time golf lover. Picked up the sport in college when I worked at the local driving range in my college town. I'm self taught by just watching people and videos. Eventually I found something that worked for me... I really picked up my game play 10 yrs after graduating college when a few older co-workers invited me to play. Lots of pointers from them but not much in the patience department. I've really grown to love golf because of the challenge it poses... I honestly believe this is the hardest sport to master... I ran into MyGolfSpy by chance (thank you google) and my desire of wanting unbiased data regarding golf gear. I really started reading and following you guys around February. Unfortunately my playing time went down and to balance my crave for golf, I started to read your material to maintain some sort of mental involvement in golf. The reason my playing time went down was due to being diagnosed with the "Big C". 9 months of chemo treatments, radiation treatments, an ostomy bag and surgery got in the way. Come 2020 thou, I hope to remedy my lack of play time. But that downtime you guys helped educate me a lot on somethings that even I was brain washed about/     

Juan Carlos Castañeda

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Hey MSG,

Golf and I have had an off/on relationship for better than 35 years now.  

In my teens I would sneak on a local track with a putter and a 9 iron for a couple of holes, it was a so much fun but when I tried “real” golf I hated it.  There were too many rules.  Too many things to think about.  It was no fun. 

In my late 20s a buddy gave me a couple of pointers and I hit one of those absolute perfect drives. And I was hooked.  I needed to hit that shot again. I was able to get down to a 4 but unfortunately, a rather serious car accident meant I was unable to golf for several years. 

I  picked it backup in my 40s.  I have struggled with the lost distance and have had to learn how to work myself around the golf course.  But I have gotten less score focused in the last year which has helped bring the scores down.  I am now sitting at a 9 handicap.  And my goal for next year is to try to find the joy that I had sneaking around all those years ago.

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Dear MyGolfSpy.com,

Since I was 4 years old I have been playing the game. I remember following my dad and brother around on the course at a young age and being so frustrated because they were so much better. I’m now 42 (43 on Monday) and although my frustration still runs deep, I’m now a better golfer than either one of them. I remind them, especially my brother, of this often. 

I’ve been an all conference player in high school only to quit to play football. I didn’t play for 3 years after until my college started a golf team when I was a senior and I tried out and played number 1 on the team. We were awful but I started loving the game again.

I’m now a high school business teacher and have been the girls golf coach for the past 12 years. I love it and have a great time coaching. I have a beautiful wife that would rather me be home but deals with my obsession for golf. And finally I have a 7 year old daughter who is starting to play. All I want her to do is love the game. I wonder if one day she’ll look back at those times on the course with her dad and love it as much as I did when I was her age. 

Instagram @baby_fade_golf

TikTok @toc_golf

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To say that I am an equipment junkie is like saying “water is wet” but with that comes some trepidation especially with all the online content out there that may not have your best interest at heart.

Enter MyGolfSpy. You guys have provided us an honest layer of protection from the Marketing Departments along with tremendous insight and for that, I am sure, we are all thankful for. Golf is a lot like life and there are many lessons to be learned, the beauty of it is that the learning process is never ending. Golf is a journey, not a destination and I am happy to have MGS along for the ride.

With Much Appreciation,

Michael Pasvantis 

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13 hours ago, GolfSpy STUDque said:



You, yes YOU.  We want to hear about everything that makes YOU an interesting person.  This community is full of a diverse range of individuals and our unique backgrounds should be celebrated.  We (and by we, I mean the golfing world) need to hear your unique stories describing your relationship with GOLF and MyGolfSpy.

We'll be hand picking unique stories to feature on the MAIN MGS HQ BLOG throughout the season.  This is your chance to be featured in the brightest spotlight MyGolfSpy has to offer.  You could see your name right next to a Most Wanted article if you've got enough to tell.



TO ENTER: Reply to this thread with a brief (200 words or less) description of your background and your relationship with golf and MyGolfSpy.  We'll send PMs out to folks whose stories are chosen for the next step.  


Note: There is no deadline for this opportunity.  Stories submitted at any time could be used.

Hello...   My name is John and I''m 72...  Started golfing around age 28...  didn't golf as a kid, came from coal mining area in western PA. I built and repaired clubs for about 30 years part time... old time stuff...  refinishing heads, removing sole plates and inserts, re-whipping, re-gripping... persimmon and laminate...old reminder grips... neumann leather grips...  currently a 13 handicap at local club, have served 9 years on the club board, both as greens chair and golf chair, vice pres....  have been a volunteer for the GAP Golf Association of Philadelphia for 21 years ... doing starting, scoring, pace of play and rules... I enjoy golf and learning about every aspect of the game, so GOLFSPY is and has been a wonderful source for the truth regarding clubs, balls, etc. etc.  Your articles and NO PUTTS GIVEN are fun and educational...   THANKS for everything to do.     

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My Name is Timothy Sloan.  Although I am originally from Columbia, South Carolina I have moved 18 times over the past 32 years.   These moves were dictated by a military career that spanned the aforementioned years.  I didn't start playing Golf until 2000 at the ripe young age of 36.  The very first time I ever hit a golf ball was on the Golf Course with some class mates from a leadership academy I was attending.  It was love at first sight!  

Over the last 19 years my progression as a Golfer was interrupted by military duty for long periods of time.  I started playing the Spring/Summer of 2000 but was soon transferred to Germany where I completed multiple tours in Kosovo and Bosnia.  Needless to say I played no Golf for those two years.  I returned from that assignment the end of 2002 and immediately immersed myself in the game once again.  From 2002 to 2004 I routinely played 36 to 54 holes every Saturday and Sunday.   Even though at the time I didn't fully understand the strategies of Golf my handicap worked its way down into the single digits.   Another break followed with the beginning of wars on two fronts and missions that took me into both theaters of conflict.  The Winter of 2004 to the Summer of 2008 I played no golf, hit no balls and visited no ranges.  

From the summer of 2008 until now I have played routinely only taking short breaks because of either injury or frustration.  I retired from the military 31 December 2018 and I probably play less now than I did when I was working full time.  Such is life :).  

Miura MB 502 Irons

ping G400 Driver

Cobra F7 3 wood

Mizuno putter

Mizuno Wedges. 

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I started playing in 1984 when I was 14. A municipal golf course was built by our summer cottage that year and me and my buddies went to play. Never had a lesson.  The old ranger gave us all a quick one before we teed off. This was the good old days... when you could hit wild boomerangs and regularly cut balls.  We didn't have two sets of clubs (blades and persimmons from the 70s) between us.   The low score that first round was 68 for 9 holes.

I am still playing with that group of friends 36 years later.

:ping-small:G410 plus driver,:taylormade-small:Aeroburner 3W, :cobra-small:F6 Baffler 
:callaway-small:XR 4, 5 hybrids
:titleist-small:2021 T300 6 - GW, SW irons
:callaway-small: Mack Daddy CB 58/12 wedge
:odyssey-small: Tour Lined 2-Ball Ten Stroke Lab putter

Alternates: Titleist 716 AP1 irons, Titleist TSi2 driver

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Greetings everyone!  My name is Bill.

I'm about to turn 64 years old and I have been golfing since I was in grade school.  The entire family were/are golfers.  Many of our vacations were golf vacations, fondly remembering the 'old' days at French Lick!

Over the years, golf and friendships have been synonymous.  I still get together with several of my high school buddies for an annual golf weekend in Green Lake, Wisconsin, where we play at Lawsonia and Mascoutin.  A traveling trophy is involved, and this past summer I finally got to engrave my name on the winner's list.

Last year I was picked by MGS to try out the SuperSpeed Golf Training system.  It required quite a commitment, but I definitely saw results, as others have indicated who have tried the system themselves.

I was first introduced to MGS by a good friend and fellow member, RevKev.  He's a super golfer and just a wonderful individual!  We used to play a couple of rounds together before he up and moved from wintery Wisconsin to fun-in-the-sun Florida.

The season is relatively short up here along the shores of Lake Michigan.  But that doesn't keep me from thinking about golf year-round.  Great group of guys at MGS!  Really enjoy the camaraderie!!

I've been a Lutheran pastor for almost 40 years.

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Christian - 40 - Aloha, Oregon 

Growing up near a golf course in Northern California, I always wanted to learn the game. Luckily my best friend in middle school had a father that was eager to teach. My buddies dad taught the game with a strong emphasis on etiquette. 

I ended up playing on the high school golf team and then at my local community college. Around that time my older brother started to play a lot so we began regular golf trips to places like Vegas, Arizona, Southern California, and the greatest trip of all....St. Andrews. 

Now I live in Oregon and do my best to play year round no matter the weather (today its a high of 40). I love the game, and love to tinker with my gear all the time. 

Planning a trip to Bandon in the next few months, and Palm Springs next year. 

Huge fan of My Golf Spy, & the No Putts podcast. 

Driver:  :taylormade-small: SIM Max w/ Ventus Blue

3W: :taylormade-small: M4

Hybrid: Nike Sumo 2

Irons: th.jpg.d6e2abdaeb04f007fd259c979f389de6.jpg 0211 w/ Aerotech SteelFiber 

Wedges: :taylormade-small: MG 52, 56, 60

Putter::cameron-small: Studio 3.5

Ball: :bridgestone-small: Tour B RX 

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Golf saved my life, I was 357 lbs, had diabetes, diabetic retinopathy (which basically means I was going blind) diabetic neuropathy, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I was taking weight loss classes at Kaiser at mr Dr’s suggestion. They asked us to draw a picture. A picture of us when we were young and healthy. I drew a stick figure of me riding a bicycle. She asked if I miss riding bicycle’s. I said no but I miss playing Golf. She said I should go play Golf, I said I can’t I can’t even walk 9 holes without getting exhausted. She said so walk 3 then work your way up to 6. Then 9 and eventually 18. Since then I’ve lost 140 pounds. I am off almost all of my Meds. Just had my eyes checked and they are good. Went from a size 56 waist to 36. Thanks Golf.D78224AD-380E-4F63-ABAA-2EA9F6AA55E2.thumb.jpeg.0505fbb6c3d3639c8fc84d99f2a6fecd.jpeg

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Talk about a hobby gone a stray,,,, I exited the nuclear navy some 20 plus years ago and headed to southern Ohio (just about 20 miles south of the banjo music), And started "the life" coaching baseball , wood working projects, 2 kid and the picket fence (well no real fence).  It was then time old man time slinked into the house and said no more sports for you. I took up golf,,, Ya I know, way to go bonehead, however, the kids notice my enjoyment of the game and asked to join. A proud dad with out knowledge and two boys made it around the course without incident. The only unfortunate part of this is that only a few months later the boys hit a growth spurt and I needed new clubs, FOR THEM?! Another golfer mentioned that I could build these things. No kidding,,, I can turn a wrench, sand a project, how hard can it be to building a club? OH the humanity, after a one day class at the now defunct golfsmith, a one week class at golfworks, the bug not only bit but infected my entire being. I became the educational director of the PCS, the last international club maker of the year with them. Started a business and with my wife of (we will keep that us) years. We have a pretty nice set up that people will drive other 2 hours to come.  Some of that can be attribute to the MGS forum where I try to keep to the equipment stuff. I can appreciate the attitude of the crew to provide the proper information as myth busting is a function of most of us in this category.  Now if this old man can grasp the social media side of the house outside of the YouTube I might just live the dream lol.

Driver - 44.5" 5.0 flex 10.5 deg Graphite Design XC 6S GP MCC4+ 1 deg closed

Irons - 5-pw, GW stnd length 5.0 flex same grip 1 deg flat. Type low medium offset cavity back, no diggers

Wedges - 56 and 60 tour grind wedge spinner and mcc4+ grip 2 flat 10 and 8 in bounce

Putter - Makefield VS LH

Ball - truvis

Carried in a Sun Mountain C-130 USA bag - BE PROUD.

HC - LH but 85 is a good number, playing in Ohio.

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1998 I answered an ad in the Mich State paper: "Writers wanted. No Pay. Free golf." A PhD student with a baby on the way who couldn't afford golf, I replied. Began writing for MichiganGolf.com, part of a network that grew to 200+ sites around the world. Got my PhD, did postdoc in MA (Cognitive Science); kept writing & started early weekly blog. Traveled around the world for golf. Started getting paid, writing to companies for equipment, became editor of GolfInstruction.com & equipment editor. Started holiday gift guides. Sites got sold to investment group; everyone fired but me. Got tenure-track job. Kept writing. Golf Channel bought sites. Nearly everyone fired but me; kept writing, back to freelance. Kept up as equipment editor. Traveled more for golf, got tenure at "real" job. Wrote tons of content still on GC sites for pennies. Wrote for several other mags/papers, too. Finally GC decided to fire me after 20 years via an email, sort of. Still blog for them. Chair of my department now. Starting my own regional websites (10 so far). Still writing, traveling, testing equipment. Now playing with my son (second child). Hoping to keep "gigging" in golf for rest of my life, even after "real" job ends.

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In 1992 I got out of the USAF and started back to school  During those college years I made a couple of friends, one turned out to be a life-long friend who it became my major goal in life to destroy him on the golf course.  Over the course of the next two decades I became an addict. I was playing 3-5 times a week. Upon completion of my degree I took a position teaching at an Alternative school in my home county.  I found golf to be a welcome respite from the stresses of attempting to teach science to at-risk students.  While rewarding, teaching was very demanding.  

During my teaching career, I managed to break 110, 100, 90, 85, 80, and par (once) (each goal taking me a year, except 80, which took 3 years).  I also managed to work in time for a masters degree.  During the year I worked on that degree, I also won the club championship at the club I was a member of, Three Oaks Golf Course, Harlem, Ga.  Shortly afterwards, my friend moved to Houston, Tx.  With him gone and my daughter's life becoming more demanding (she started college at 16, after being homeschooled), golf fell by the wayside for about 10 years.  The time was just not available.

However, in 2017 the addiction returned.  I joined a local club and began to stalk par again. I couldn't believe how much I missed that irritating dimpled sphere. It was a scrubby little course, but it was cheap and let me get back in the game.  I have since retired from teaching, joined a better club, and my pursuit of par has begun in earnest.  In the ten years I laid off, apparently my body changed greatly.  I am not the player I once was, but I do believe that I can score just as well.  I never could over power a course, but my distance has suffered a bit and now I have to be more of a tactician than before.  

As I have aged, as many others have, I have experienced more losses in my life.  The deaths of family members, friends moving on, etc.  Golf provides me the solitude to reflect on the great life that I have led and continue to lead.  I usually play alone, the vast majority of the time I walk the course.  Even when the "special" golf words are being used, I cannot fully give into my frustration, because I am so genuinely thankful that I can still play this great game.  

Even for those of us who will never be on tour, there is a Zen quality to golf that cannot be found in other sports.  Wandering in the woods looking for that poor lost ball, wading into the creek for his brother, burying his yellow friend in the sand, stomping to just before the women's tees for that much anticipated 2nd, ...  I could go on and on, but you get the picture.  The peace and tranquility of the experience broken only by a constant assault on one's ego, pride, and self-esteem.  

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