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I once was a man from Nantucket...😂😂 just kidding- good stuff folks!

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MGS thank you again for being the leader in golf information!  My name is Josh Anderson and I have been a member on this forum since 2014.  I am an avid member as well as an avid golfer.  I try to play in as many events every summer as my schedule will let.  Last year I tracked those events here on MGS and loved doing so.  In 2020 I am looking to have even more fun doing that again and I have some very fun things planned for golf in my area of central Illinois.  

I grew up playing golf in western Pennsylvania and was lucky enough to play at the D-1 level in college.  I had a very good college career at St. Bonaventure University and now I am still trying to compete with college kids on a weekly basis in the summer.  I currently have a +2.1 handicap and I am looking forward to pushing that lower in 2020.  

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My older brother got me a set of clubs.  I think he thought it was a way for us to connect.  It worked.  I took lessons, joined a men’s club and built a SkyTrak system in my garage.  I am 61 and have been playing four years.  I have brought my handicap down from 32 to 18 – And it’s still dropping!  And now I can beat my brother.

As for MYGOLFSPY, I have a background in statistics and quality control.  So I clearly get what you are doing.  As a matter of fact, I cannot believe the “find it/cut it” movement didn’t start decades ago.  It’s shocking!  In the meantime, you have helped me get the best out of my game: Ping G410 driver, EVNROLL putter, Bridgestone balls, and FJ shoes.  As a gear-head, I can’t wait for every article and podcast to come out. 

I am a fish biologist during the week and golf nut on weekends (and sometimes on weekdays too).  The attached pic shows me at work, at play, and one of my co-workers who reminds me of someone else we know – He even talks like Tony too!  

My story in three pictures…




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Have been playing since I was 7 years old and have been into equipment since I was 7.5 years old since I came from a family of equipment nuts.  My uncle and grandfather had made clubs my whole life, (grandfather built a set of one length irons in 1994) so I followed suit. 

I've been avidly into equipment since 7.5, golf swing theory since 21, and after the last career change I travel for work and that's allowed me to take up golf course design and reviews. 

I've always been an early adapter, and tough critic.  I've usually been the first in my circles to adopt 460cc heads, graphite shafts in woods, soft spikes, GPS, hybrids, graphite shafts in irons, and custom fitting.  Recent examples - this year I tried 5 balls from your golf ball test, noting both on-course and launch monitor (SC200) results to decide on the BX for bermuda, and TP5X for bent grass.  Until 3 months ago I played a custom set of fitted single length irons the year Cobra offered them, with 4-7 at 7i length, 8-LW at std length.  Ran 5 shafts through my F9 before settling on the Evenflow Blue as the best balance of distance/control.

You see the trend!

I enjoy marrying data and strategy together and providing thorough reviews for others to use in their own considerations.  

What I hope makes me interesting, and worthy of consideration for featuring, is that golf has become a central part of my identity to me and others.  Taking a trip and need course suggestions?  Need new irons?  Considering a switch to a "Classic" swing from a center-pivot swing and curious what that entails or what you should read?  My circle of friends and family come to me, and I'm proud of that.  


Check out my recent course reviews and I think you can get a good sense of me:




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