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I don’t use anything at all. I lick my finger and hold it up in the air, and then cover one eye and throw a tee up towards the hole...

works every time ... money...

:titleist-small: TSr2 on Tensi Blue S

:cobra-small: Speedzone 3-wood on Tensi blue S

:callaway-logo-1: Epic Max 5 and 7 woods on HZRDUS  Reg flex

:callaway-logo-1: Paradym 9 wood on HZRDUS reg flex

:taylormade-small: P770 / P790 combo set on Ventus R-6 shafts 6-AW

:mizuno-small:  T22 Denim Copper 54°, 58° on Kinetic X Trajectory 


:edel-golf-1: E.A.S. #4   (“Fang” or “Adele”)

:titelist-small: ProV1x, or, Maxfli Tour

:callaway-small: .Org 14 cart bag

Adidas Tour 360 , or Sketcher shoes



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Jesse Dula Warren, MI

The Grint App for Android.

Obviously technology and golf go hand in hand nowadays.  I think it's great for people like myself just getting into the sport.  The numbers technology provides gives today's players valuable information to draw from to make the necessary adjustments to improve our games. 

I'm definitely here for it.  

:ping-small:   Driver: G410 Plus

:cobra-small:  Fairway Wood:  F8 3 Wood

:callaway-small: Hybrid:  Rogue 3 Hybrid

:callaway-small: Hybrid: Rogue X 5 Hybrid

:callaway-small: Irons:  Rogue 6-PW

:Sub70: Irons:  699 Pros 5-PW

:Sub70: Utility Iron: 699-U 2 Iron

:cleveland-small: Wedges: RTX-4 48/52/56/60 °

:cleveland-small: Putter: Huntington Beach No. 1

:bettinardi-small: Putter: BB8-Wide (2020)

:cameron-small: Putter:  Special Select Newport 2 (2020)

:callaway-small:  Bag: Rogue Staff Bag

:Sub70:  Bag:  Sub70 Staff Bag

:Clicgear:  clicgear 3.5 cart

:Arccos: Caddie System



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  • Name and Location - Cory Frazier, La Vernia, TX
  • How do you currently get your yardages? The old school way...find the sprinkler head or 150 stick and walk it off. Take 10 yards off of the pin is red and add 10 if it’s blue! Or If I’m super lucky, I’ll play at a course that has the GPS carts!
  • How do you feel about technology's relationship with golf? It’s inevitable to me that golf tech is going to be the next revolution for the game. From personal ball flight trackers, to Handheld range finders to smartphone apps, tech will continue to find its way into the game and be just as important as the clubs in the bags.

Currently in the bag:

Callaway Epic Flash 9* | Tour Edge Pro 721 3W 13* | Callaway Utility Wood 17* and 21* | Callaway Apex ‘19 forged 5-AW | Taylor Made MG3 54* and 58* | LAB DF2 Broomstick 50” | Transrover bag

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  • Tim- Fresno, CA
  • Rangefinder
  •  As long as you don't slow the game down, I am open to anything that can help make the game easier for everyone. What I love in regards to the tech in something like a Skycaddie is the ability to just take a quick look before your shot and see all the info you need. 

CA / 13.8 HDCP

Driver :taylormade-small: M3 9.5* with 44" Mitsubishi Tensei blue stiff shaft

:callaway-small: Big Bertha 3 hybrid 18* UST Mamiya Recoil ES 780 graphite stiff

:callaway-small: Apex 19 5-AW with True Temper Elevate 95 stiff shafts

:titelist-small: SM6 54* and 58* wedges

:ping-small: Sigma 2 Tyne Stealth 35"

Ball: :titelist-small: Pro V One

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John N.  Southeast Iowa

Yardage is usually obtained using the traditional sprinkler heads/yardage markers methods. Find the marker closest to my ball then step off the difference. Sometimes in 4 person scramble tournaments a partner will have a handheld device, which is very accurate and quick.

Golf, just like everything else benefits from the development of new technologies. I'm a hunter, and I see the similarities quite frequently. To be efficient you need to be accurate. The more accurate you are, the more effective you can be. Being able to know exactly how far away from your target you are, is not just a luxury of the use of technology, it's a necessity!!!

Thank you for the consideration!

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Steve, Catonsville md


I currently use a off brand scope that doesn’t focus well.  I have been considering a gps unit because I have  played a few courses lately that have blind holes.

Tech is making the game easier and I welcome it.  This sure beats stepping off distance from the 150 marker or a sprinkler head.

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Added something

Driver: Callaway Big Bertha Fusion

3wood: Titleist 917F

5 wood: Titleist 917F

irons Taylormade M2 6-PW

hybrids Taylormade 4 and 5

wedges: Titleist SM8 50/54/58

putter: Scotty Cameron Newport slotback

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Randy-Powhatan Virginia

I currently use the NX7 which I purchased based on MGS recommendation. 

I think technology actually speeds up the game. My body is anti technology and prides himself on estimating his own yardages. IMO he slows the game down more than I do because he's walking around looking for yardage markers.

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  • Bob Davis, Nashville, TN
  • I get my yardages from a combination of a rangefinder (Bushnell V2 - no slope) and a smart phone app to get distance to bunkers, etc. and track scores.  Having enjoyed having a golf cart mounted touch-screen GPS at my previous club, I would like to learn how the Skycaddie sx400 compares.
  • Technology is an essential element in closing the gap between the professional and amateur golfers.  We don’t have the luxury of a real caddie to determine which club to pull based on a variety of conditions.  GPS devices help tremendously in giving us the numbers we need while maintaining the pace of play.
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Ted - The Big Cats, North Carolina 

Old handheld range finder

Anything that makes the game easier for us hackers is great. The game of golf is hard enough so let us have the best golf technology out there to make it enjoyable and attract more younger golfers. 

TaylorMade M4 driver

Callaway 3-6 hybrids

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Happy holidays to all. I play two to three times a week with sanantonioseniorgolf.com. I am an eleven handicap, retired teacher and golf coach. My only gps is whatever is on the local golf cart. I would love to test and review the new Skycaddie SX400.

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Ty Frade - Reno, NV

I currently use a laser range finder or GPS Apple Watch app

Being an IT guy I love technology and try to use it whenever possible to help my golf game. 

Driver: Taylormade M5 - Accra TZ5 - 8*

3 Wood: Taylormade Sim TI Rocket

Hybrid: Mizuno CLK 19*

Irons: Miura TC-201 - Dynamic Gold Tour X100

Wedges: Mizuno T20 (50*), Callaway MD4 (54*/58*)

Putter: Evnroll ER1.2 Tourblade

Right Handed Golfer: 13 Index

Reno, NV

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Maarten Clous

Jan Peelenplantsoen 18,

6871GV, Renkum, Netherlands

HC 11


I measure by using the distance markers on the fairways and a new pair of glasses.


I think technology is a big part of playing golf and improving your game. Not only in accessories but also in clubs and balls. I recently switched from 12 year old callaways to TM psi and there is a big difference in clubs because of the newer tech in the clubs. I am slowly changing to cobra forged tours and they are even more suffisticated. Technology in accessories to measure distances should be used in practice rounds. If you play for real I think you should play with as little as "help" as possible.

I hope living outside America isn't a problem

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San Diego, CA

Currently get yardage from the in-cart screens. Technology in amateur golf is fantastic. The Arccos product looks great. I’ve been looking into getting a range finder, it would be nice to see the other styles out there. 

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Andy Agnew- Fort Worth TX

Pace off from sprinklers and markers. 

Technology has made an incredible impact on the game. We’ve gone from using feel/trusting your gut to getting incredibly accurate data to empirically prove what we are seeing and why it is happening. My first fitting was impact boards and tape on the face and now you get a full breakdown of every bit of information needed to make an informed decision. It’s not just fitting, equipment has improved, teaching, and on course tools like Skycaddies all contribute to golfers being more informed now than ever before. I also appreciate pace of play improvements. My home course is well marked so I don’t have to search for yardage much. But on courses with little to no markers, having a tool to quickly and accurately get a yardage would take out guesswork and time. 

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  • Chris - Ventura County, California
  • walk off from course markers
  • I feel golf technology must walk a fine line with the spirit of the game and that'll be subjective. I feel yardage aids are fine especially if you're playing a course for the first time, whereas tech that reveals the subtle breaks on the green start taking away from the skill of green reading which is one of the major factors that separate good versus bad putters.
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