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This is Uday from Michigan. Interested as I don’t currently use any GPS or range finder or distance device. I have a handicap of 15 and would like to get better. I currently only use the maps offered by the golf course where I play and I am technology savvy.



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Steve from Green Valley, AZ.  I currently use, usually inaccurate, course markings to measure my distances.  I think technology has become very important to the game and I would love to include accurate measurements in my game.

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  • David Rusher  Lodi, CA
  • Markers on the course 
  • I think technology would definitely speed up play.  Not having to look for markers to estimate the distance to the green. Also, giving you the distance to the pin with the slope would also I believe improve my score by 5+ strokes a round. 
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Name and Location

              Kenneth, South Carolina 

How do you currently get your yardages?

            I currently get my yardages from the scorecards and manually estimate the yardages after the initial drive.  I have not been able to afford or use a GPS rangefinder but have looked at them in the golf and sports stores.

How do you feel about technology's relationship with golf?

I feel that technology is a great tool to improve the game without taking away the challenge and fun.

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I would dearly like to test some of the newest in technology.  I am

Michael Greene from Tucson Arizona

I currently use a 10 year old Sonocaddie system that shows yardage to front, middle and back of the green.

I believe technology such as range devices is a great help to the golf game.  The proper use of technology can speed play which every golfer should endorse.

Thanks in advance for considering me to be a tester.


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Garen Eggleston Lady lakes Fl handicap 14.6  I would be a critical tester due to my experience with Skycaddie devices previously. I owned 3 of their first gen  handhelds and they lasted less than a year , and after purchasing their info was extremely disappointed . Sent them back and each time received NO customer service that was satisfactory . 

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  • Justin - Central Arkansas 
  • Get current yardages from a combination of course experience, yardage markers,  and just “eyeballing it”. 
    The bad news is that as I get older my eyesight isn’t what it used to be so I am reluctantly considering gps/laser as I have more time to play courses in other states. 
  • Love/hate technology in the game. Feel that the equipment is vastly improved but that newcomers to the game have no “feel” for the nuances of play. 


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  • Jake Benth. Corpus Christi Texas
  • Currently I get my yardage by pacing off steps from existing markers on the course.
  • Since I started playing again after a few years off. I'm well being the power curve with golf. But with allot of reading from y'all's arrivals and watching y'all's videos. I'm getting caught up to speed on that. As well as utilizing that info to help improve my game or my selection in clubs and balls. I'm a numbers guy so what u do helps.

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Chris Cejka

Scottsdale, AZ

Currently guesstimate off of the 100/150/200 yard signs in fairway.  If another member of my group is close by I ask what he lasered.  I like technology if it speeds up play.  I don't like it if it slows the game down.  

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Donald Lowry  Salem, OR


Mostly pace off from sprinkler heads or someone I am playing with measures with range finder. I occasionally use a range finder myself.


Technology gives a player easy access to known information which speeds up play (which is good for the game) and helps the player score to their best ability by leaving uncertainty out of the equation.


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Jim    Pennsylvania 

I have used some GPS in the past, and was not particularly happy with them. The newest technology would be welcome. 


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Craig - location: Thailand

Course Markers and what the caddies tells me

Regarding technology, anything extra always helps as long as it doesn't slow down the round or reduce the fun.

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Pat Reynolds - Frisco, TX

I used Sprinkler heads or yardage books if I have one for the course I'm playing. 

I think technology has a place in the game. As a person who has spent over 30 years in the computer technology field I think there is definitely a possible advantage but how accurate are the devices etc. I don't want to see something slow down play. I'm getting my yardages etc while my playing partners are hitting, finding there ball etc. 


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Paul Brookfield, IL

Walk off course markers and estimated guess off 200, 150 and 100 yard markers.

Technology that makes the game simpler and easier for regular folk is always welcomed. Even letting pros use rangefinder should help speed up the rounds a little bit.


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