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I'd like to test Skycaddie SX400 GPS


  • Name and Location: Russ Miller, Sunset Beach, NC
  • How do you currently get your yardages?: guess based on 150 and 100 course markers
  • How do you feel about technology's relationship with golf?: I think it a good thing that improves equipment and player experience


Currently do not use GPS and am a 20.7 handycap index


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  • Name and Location
  • How do you currently get your yardages?
  • How do you feel about technology's relationship with golf?

Pat Reynolds - Dallas, Tx

I use sprinkler heads, and walk off the numbers. I have not spent the money on a device since not sure if it would make a big enough difference. I have played with guys before who have them and it takes them time and I usually can find a sprinkler head quickly and do some mental math.  I would really want to try one before I forked out the cash for something like that. Sign me out to be a tester I'll be happy to give a whirl and see how accurate it is. 


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  • Paul C., St. Louis, MO
  • Visual estimates based on course colored lines (blue=200 etc.)
  • I believe technology can help all golfers improve their game.  It is not cheating but just a tool to improve.  The more feedback you get, the better you get.  However, in the end, it is still a game of skill.  Technology can help close the gap though.  People use technology in different ways.  We have better clubs and better balls than 10 or 20 years ago, and no one thinks twice about holding on to older clubs because it is "cheating" to get something better. What I like most about the opportunity to use this product is that it can help me when I practice rather then rely on a pro that I would pay $90 an hour to coach me.

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Irons: :callaway-small: Diablo Forged Irons (Regular Flex) 5- AW

Wedges: :cleveland-small: CBX 54°, :755178188_TourEdge: 1 Out Sand Wedge 58° 

Putter: :755178188_TourEdge: HP Series Nickel 05  

Ball: :srixon-small:(if new) but usually it is what I can find on the side, in the woods, or what I dig out of a lake with my grabber.

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  • Kris Burtner - Murfreesboro, TN
  • How do you currently get your yardages? use a laser range finder and phone app to view hole layout. Not a big fan of the apps though. 
  • How do you feel about technology's relationship with golf? I love it. People talk about how technology ruins the game however if the technology was available I believe Bobby Jones would have used it. 

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  • Name and Location:  Leo NE Florida
  • How do you currently get your yardages? GPS on home-course cart and laser rangefinder
  • How do you feel about technology's relationship with golf?  Technology has improved the game in a spectrum of ways from enhanced club performance to digital data for swing analysis.  
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On 12/13/2019 at 7:34 AM, GolfSpy STUDque said:


There are far more people out there still using flip-phones than one might think. Call them traditionalists or Luddites, there's always a contingent happy to eschew technological advancements in favor of a more orthodox approach.

In golf parlance, this group tends to be feel players and might be overheard describing a shot as " a three-fingered 7-iron."

That aside, the merits of distance-measuring devices can't be ignored and if you've been looking for a reason to experience it first-hand, this might be just the opportunity.



Testers Wanted

We're looking for 10 golfers who don't currently use any sort of distance-measuring device (GPS, rangefinder) to test, review, and keep SkyCaddie's new SX400 GPS.  As you know, MyGolfSpy takes its product testing very seriously. All of our reader reviews are published in our Community Forum. We expect a lot from our reviewers – writing a thorough, detailed, and honest review is a commitment, requiring extensive on-course work as well as participation in the Forum itself to answer questions and discuss product performance with other golfers.

That means to be a potential reviewer, you must be a registered member of the MyGolfSpy Community Forum, where you’ll find thousands of like-minded golfers from all over the world anxious to talk about golf equipment.



This opportunity is open to golfers residing in the US with access to outdoor testing.  To apply to test and review a SkyCaddie SX400 GPS, reply to this thread with the following information:

  • Name and Location
  • How do you currently get your yardages?
  • How do you feel about technology's relationship with golf?

Pudge from NE.  I play year round when weather permits and will head to Fla in February for several weeks.  I currently use sprinklers of yardage plaques and step off yardages.  I feel that modern technology will make it easier to establish correct yardages and remove the "guesswork" from my current procedure.  I have not tried the Sky Caddy because they had been requiring a monthly fee to use their device.  I hope that hey have changed this policy because there are many other units out there that do not require a monthly fee. 



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  • Mike = Midway UT
  • I have an old Garmin range finder and Bushnell S3.  
  • My concern is that we make the game so "long" that we lose the strategy of the game but it is what it is.  I love the club and ball changes that give more consistency and reliability.  I just hope we don't take distance as the end all to this.  I also appreciate the new ways to give us distances.  I think we can use it to be faster in our play.


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Frank - Anderson,SC

Use partners rangefinder or course markers

very helpfull in determining club selection, increasing pace of play and determining individual club yardages 




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  • Eldon Roberson
  • Norco, Calif.
  • i have a standing tee time three days a week at my home course which i have played  for over 40 years so i know my yardages pretty well. When i play at an away course or tournament I usually use my playing partners yardage info. if all else fails i will buy a yardage book.
  • I think technology in golf can be a wonderful thing, but if we aren't careful it can become intrusive and subtract from the enjoyment that the game of golf can provide. I use a flip phone, no photos, no texts and no  cruising the internet while on the golf course. i get to pay full attention to the game and my environment during my round.  
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Pete Frederick / Lexington, KY

I use laser range finder for my yardages

I feel that there's a time and place for everything, including technology.  Innovation is a cornerstone for progress.  Big Data is an emerging science that can provide innovative vision into where performance improvement can be made.   I'd love to be a tester. 

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Sailguy2, Sacramento, CA.  I play all year around, usually 2-3 times a week.  I currently use an older Bushnell laser rangefinder for my distances.  I believe that technology helps golfers find an accurate distance and speeds up pace of play.

I'd love to test the gps device described in this discussion.


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Barrie, Ont, Can


Sometimes I yearn for the good old days when you just bought a set of clubs including your driver from a sport store or pro shop where we never paid attention to loft, lies, shaft flex, adjustable heads etc, we just went out to play. But like all things good, times change including golf.  Technology certainly has changed the way we play and buy golf equipment. I have used 2-3 types of measuring devices including a Garmin GPS, a Bushnell laser and a Garmin watch and i'm really looking for 1 product that can give me all the information I require. I'm tired of using 2 products at the same time to get my information and would really like the opportunity to review the SX500  

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Putter: Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 

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Mark - Houston, TX

Bushnell Laser

Tried using my iPhone with GolfLogix but prefer to stream music. Also there are times when the signal is not strong enough to use app.

Like my range finder but getting harder to hold steady enough to lock on pin. SX400 would solve these issues for me. 

Technology is prevalent in all aspects of life so natural to also incorporate on the golf course.

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Putter: Scotty Cameron Studio Select Squareback No. 1

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Peter - LaSalle, IL

yardage markers or my playing partners if they are using a phone or gps

I am all for technology being involved with golf. When I am able to play, I am looking to have an enjoyable time so if technology can increase that enjoyment I have no problems with that. 

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Richard- Marietta, GA

Several of the golf courses I play have rangefinders built into their carts , but they do not give your the correct slope readings. Several buddies have hand held rangefinders that give you front, middle & back distances, but they do not give the exact pin location yardages.When I play without those friends I just walk off the yardages from the nearest course markers, not very accurate yardage.

The new technology will help all golfers with accurate yardages and also help speed up the play of golfers that use these new devices.For those reasons alone it will make golf more fun for all of us!

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