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WTS Ecco Shoes, Men's Size 43

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I have 2 pairs of nearly new Ecco Cage 2 Pro shoes and 1 pair of hybrids. All size 43. See pictures for condition. The cage pro 2s would pass for brand new. All of them bite my heel so I'm giving up. Pricing includes shipping to CONUS and Paypal. If you're outside of CONUS just let me know so we can work out a fair shipping price. 

1.White and red hybrids (original generation of hybrid). Worn a few times and forgotten about in a closet. $50

2. White Leather Cage Pro 2 Lace-ups. Worn once. $110

3. Gray Leather Cage Pro 2 Boa with GoreTex. Worn Twice. $130925517817_PhotoDec1791906AM.thumb.jpg.5f0be69903d2548808860455c61890c7.jpg252607426_PhotoDec1791853AM.thumb.jpg.d772abd50d9a8e8e03adf081728735af.jpg2034366997_PhotoDec1791859AM.thumb.jpg.69e034733a735fc50b386b22ca886e5f.jpg1814371655_PhotoDec1791902AM.thumb.jpg.6f826900080e4757e2b17efa021f4fc9.jpg742209599_PhotoDec1791630AM.thumb.jpg.0e4273fcb75a380f77ae6fa0e7f1d7f3.jpg1390294593_PhotoDec1791653AM.thumb.jpg.ab8cb07be0a23d511387e9763ee11e06.jpg641254069_PhotoDec1791715AM.thumb.jpg.a4793fff5d40e3ec9eda5e858bd18cd4.jpg2078289841_PhotoDec1791721AM.thumb.jpg.019adc1881d85b191a9d6ad0c0a246d8.jpg759094987_PhotoDec1791738AM.thumb.jpg.c8732a0d2d711533df8395c6fc458c21.jpg2082748635_PhotoDec1791749AM.thumb.jpg.be0f87c096ef6794de2c66837e8d564f.jpg336592624_PhotoDec1791804AM.thumb.jpg.9b5957d52c82cb60b3c7d936b6ef1501.jpg634850920_PhotoDec1791812AM.thumb.jpg.3d723c9827c0913d43e34a7c5acfcb7e.jpg1831551955_PhotoDec1791839AM.thumb.jpg.f2fa029c186a334f67808f09d4dd630f.jpg

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