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I've created a Sensor-enabled Putting Mat with an App - What do you think?


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Hi Spies!

I bought a putting mat a few years ago to practice during the winter and putted some straight putts.  Well, that was underwhelming, but I saw some potential so I fixed it.  I wired it up with sensors and started having it automatically track my make/miss percentage and streak (20 in a row, etc.).  Suddenly, I could concentrate more on putting and get some feedback on how my practice session really went.  Two years later, a couple of friends and myself have created our own system with an app that tracks speed, accuracy, tendencies, make/miss percentage, and many other stats.  It also lets you play different practice games and lets you compete online. 

We're wondering what the spies think and if any of you are interested in backing our Kickstarter (link: Chirrp Golf Kickstarter) - You can see a video of the system at the Kickstarter page.

We're literally a three person team trying to bootstrap a company and need all the feedback and support we can get.  Critical feedback is important, too.  We know the product won't be for everybody, but for those who it fits in the wheelhouse of, we want to know what improvements are needed or what questions you have so we can make it meet as many of your needs as is practical (keeping manufacturing price in mind). 

I've attached a couple of photos of the system to this post so you can get a quick look.

Thanks so much for taking a look.  We really appreciate it.



Winter Setup YT -Vertical 99.gif


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In the KickStarter video, you highlight the online multiplayer. Does the app allow for local multiplayer as well? I could definitely see my son and I going head to head with something like this.

EDIT: Just read through the description and saw that it does allow in-person competition. So on to my second question: is the app iOS-only, or does it also work for Android?

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As you saw, local multiplayer is an option.  My ten year old is a killer putter and is thrilled when he beats me on it once in a while.  It's a lot of fun.

Our app is cross platform and supports both iOS and Android - pretty much should work on any recent device (less than 4 years old or so). 

Question for you - we've been thinking about adding additional targets and launch points.  Maybe putting a small target on each side and then starting "tees" kind of randomly all over the mat.  They would be numbered and we'd say "putt at target 3 from tee #6" as an additional challenge.  These would not have alignment guides and you'd have to line up the putt yourself.  We can tell where the ball ends up so we can rate the putts the same way.  Would it be worth it to you to have more targets and many more starting positions? 

Thanks for looking!

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Looks like a neat product.

I think the scoring is a really cool feature but I’m curious about the formula you’re using as it relates to pace. The pitch on the return ramp may accurately account for the discrepancy, but otherwise I wouldn’t consider a putt that stops dead center of the target to be representative of “perfect” pace.

So I have a couple of questions: What is the effective pace (beyond the hole) on a putt that scores 100? What is the STIMP rating of the carpet?

Also - welcome to the forum!

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So, this is a question we get a lot.  The ramp "lengthens" the distance you are putting because it is uphill.  If you rolled the putt flat, it would be about 18 inches beyond the cup.

That said, whether you putt to die the ball in the hole, or you putt 12 or 18 inches past the hole, the main thing you need is the ability to accurately control your pace.

Regardless of flat or inclined, you are practicing the muscle memory to hit shots reliably.  When I go on the course after using the system, I putt on the practice green a bit taking various strokes that I practice on my mat and determine how far they roll on the green.

Then I know what my "distances" are going to be on that course on that day.

The key is that many mats don't have you working on distance control reliably at all.  If your mat has a hole in it, your distance control will not be as good as rolling a putt until the ball stops.  The ball falling into the cup at different speeds greatly affects your ability to practice distance.  Our system has a flat cup so you can practice stopping the ball at exactly the same place (as do many flat putting mats).  The difference is that our system tracks how often you do this and how accurate you are.  From experience, you can probably get much more accurate than you are today (depending on your skill level) practicing with this setup.

Then you just test your putting on the practice green and choose your strategy for the round.  Does that make sense?

I guess my contention is that perfect pace is hitting it to where you want to.  If you figure out how far your ball rolls on a repeatable stroke, then you just adjust a bit to roll it 4, 8, 12 inches past the hole or whatever works for your putting strategy.



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One other thought we've had is to add a second target in front of the first.  Then you could practice putting beyond the target if that is your practice goal.  Would be trivial to just add a second target and to have a setting the app for "through-the-hole putting" practice.

The Wellputt system has something to that effect - you putt through the first target and try to stop it on the second. If that's the mental strategy many folks are wanting to practice, we could simulate that pretty easily.  Just having a target about 4 inches down our ramp would effect putting 8-10 inches beyond the cup.

Would it be worthwhile in your opinion for us to add that? 


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I see Chirrp popping up more often on my social media feeds nowadays. Looks like things might be taking off a bit more for the company. Anyone have first-hand experience? 


Very curious about this vs. something like Exputt or Puttr. My dad has an Exputt and I think it's really cool because it shows a lot about path, face angle, etc. Puttr is something that seems very new and I can hardly find any information on it


Really looks like Chirrp has a lot more in the pipeline in terms of games, competitions, etc. which I think is awesome





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I've had a Chirrp for a couple of weeks now.  I can't say if it's helped my putting yet as I've only played two rounds of golf since I got it, one of which was on a course with huge, fast, wicked sloped greens. I did nail every short putt (under 4 feet) during both rounds.

I am noticing that, when using it, my focus is shifting from hitting the ball to focusing on the target. 

However, I gotta say the fun factor for me is 9/10.  Full disclosure - I'm a retired database engineer, and am still a tech nerd.  Chirrp is fun for me (and possibly addictive).  This is from a guy who doesn't like practicing putting. 


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