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38 minutes ago, FlyboyAF said:

You are welcome my man!! The reason I put it out there was that it took so much longer to go through the process myself due to the lack of consolidated information out there. Glad I could help stimulate some ideas! The hitting mat is one of the most important parts and the option I chose should be well within your budget (Real Feel Golf Mats). They will save your wrists and arm joints as well as have the added benefit of giving you feedback on your strike. If you hit a fat shot on these mats, you will hit a fat shot on your simulator....none of that bouncing up into the ball and making you think that you hit a great shot lol.

I knew that I was going to spend on the launch monitor side, so did a little research on things like Skytrak, Optishot, and even Flightscope. I would go out and see if you could find a GC2 with HMT. You can get a refurbished set for about half of what the GC Quad would cost you. the HMT part gives you the ability to see where you are striking the ball on the club face while the GC2 part is the launch data. Still highly accurate and provides the most useful info to help you get better! 

You are seriously inspiring me ... to persuade my bro to build one in his house or garage. He definitely has the room.

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Just WoW.

 Just started looking at this stuff here in SoCal due to club closures from Covid-19.

you went deep and ultimate, where I would never go, so I’m very jealous, and extremely impressed. Your setup is awesome. I’m probably going to end up with just a new in the garage haha, but congrats on your work mate, it’s beyond awesome.

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Hi.  Just starting out on this venture.  Can you tell me how much space is in between your screen and wall?  I see everywhere most places recommend 12", curious if thats what you have.  Also, have you had any issues hitting the wood frame and having to dodge a hot ball?



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Your project is so much higher quality than mine! I would LIVE in that room!

Here’s mine:


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On 6/24/2020 at 7:22 AM, tatersalad18 said:

Hi.  Just starting out on this venture.  Can you tell me how much space is in between your screen and wall?  I see everywhere most places recommend 12", curious if thats what you have.  Also, have you had any issues hitting the wood frame and having to dodge a hot ball?



I left 14" between the wall and the screen. Keep in mind with your setup:

You have to be able to get behind there to setup the grommets on the hooks on the left/right/and top of the impact screen....so the more room, the easier that will be

I haven't had any issues with the impact on wood because I don't shank it lol. I can pull the side drapes out and move them in front of the wood on the sides. I have 6' between the front of my hitting mat and the screen, so if I'm hitting 60 deg wedges, I'll just hit from the front ; )

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Not sure how I missed this thread, but WOW!

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On 12/18/2019 at 7:43 PM, FlyboyAF said:

Stage 6: Projector

Projectors: I investigated a lot of options including BenQ, Optoma, Sony, and Epson. The important factors in selecting the right projector for your application are

  • Throw Ratio - The mounting distance away from the screen (D) divided by the width of the projected image (W)..... D/W
    • Most simulators will require a short throw or ultra-short throw ratio because of available room length (0.3:1 to 1:1)
    • You can buy projectors without lenses. The lens is the piece that is responsible for the throw capability (short-throw lens)
      • You can also cheat throw distance by buying a projector with a good amount of zoom ability
    • Link - Projector Central Throw Calculator (also a great site and resource for projector information)
  • Lumens - Brightness of the projected image
    • Less lumens are required for darker rooms and more lumens are needed for rooms with more natural light so that the projected image isn't washed out by the ambient conditions
    • Minimum Lumens: 2000 in a dark room
    • Recommended Lumens: 3000+
    • Optimum Performance: 5000+
  • Aspect Ratio - Relationship of width:height of the projected image
    • Typical ARs are 4:3 (Rectangular), 16:9 (HD), and 16:10 (Awesomest)
  • Resolution - Number of pixels contained in the image (pixels for width x pixels for height). The "W" below stands for "Wide" used with 16:9 & 16:10 ARs
    • SVGA to UXGA: Resolutions for a 4:3 AR 
      • 800 x 600 to 1600 x 1200
    • WXGA to WUXGA: Resolutions for 16:9 & 16:10 AR
      • 1280 x 800 to 1920 x 1200
    • The more pixels you have, the clearer and crisper your image shall be
    • There are also 4K specs, but now you're getting into ridiculous amounts of $$$$ 🤣

In the end I went with the Epson Pro G7500 projector w/Epson Short-Throw Lens (ELPLU03)$5,424

Link - Best Deals I Found on Projector & Lens - Tierney Brothers

  • 6500 Lumens
  • 16:10 Native Aspect Ratio
  • 1920 x 1200 Resolution (WUXGA)
  • 50,000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 1.0 - 1.2x Zoom Ratio
  • 0.65 - 0.78 Throw Ratio in 16:10 AR
  • Throw Distance of 9' 11" back from screen

Mounts are also a whole world unto themselves.....

I went with the Epson ELPMB 47 Low Profile Mount to maintain as much vertical clearance as possible between a golfer swinging a club and the expensive projector lol $322



Porjected Image.jpg


I was very inspired by your posts and got the idea to create a golf simulator at home. Now there is an epidemic of COVID-19 in the country, so it is dangerous to go out on the field, like in other public places. I have a question about a projector: can I buy a good one for $ 1000? I liked the ViewSonic True 4K Projector from this guide. What do you think of him?

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What an awesome setup, looks like you did a great job. I have a GC2 setup in my barn and plan to add an enclosure with hitting screen and projector in the near future. I am jealous of your setup though!

I'm a hockey player playing golf today.
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I show you said you secured the screen with hooks from the inside of the frame. I don't show they are visible. Does the outer part of your frame overhang the screen?


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