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Planning our regular spring getaway, and we were considering the usual spots in Florida, etc. when my wife (an avid country music fan) suggested she would like to go to Nashville along with our 2 oldest daughters...

Wondering a few things:

  • Looking at the week of March 30th - How is the weather in Nashville at that time of the year?

  • What is the public course landscape like in/around Nashville - Likely looking around $75 to just under a $100 for the 5 rounds I would likely play

  • Where would we stay that would have ideal proximity to the sites of the city, yet somewhat convenient to get 'dropped off' by my ladies at the recommended courses (likely looking to VRBO, Air BNB, etc.)

We're not completely sold on the idea, but I like the thought of doing something a bit different, and on a very positive note Air Canada flies direct from Pearson in Toronto so likely no golf club logistic issues.

Really appreciate some feedback.



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Posted (edited)

So I've heard nothing from this forum so far, but from others, here is what I've gleaned so far...

Convenience to Nashville's amenities:

  • Gaylord Springs (20 min)
  • Hermitage (2 courses - President's Reserve and General's Retreat) (25 min)
  • Twelve Stones (20 min)
  • The Legacy (35 min to the north of the city)
  • Indian Hills (35 min to the south of the city)

Inconvenient to Nashville's amenities, but great golf:

  • Greystone (45 min to the west of the city)
  • Sewanee (9 Holes) (90 min)
  • Sweetens (9 Holes) (1 hour 10 min)

Is this fairly accurate MyGolfSpy friends? Get the weather may be hit and miss but being from southern Ontario, thinking likely a better chance of 'Hit' vs. 'Miss' 😉

In terms of accomodations, thinking VRBO/Air BnB, but looking for any recommendations.

Has anyone stayed at the cottages/lodging Hermitage has?: https://www.hermitagegolf.com/lodging

Thank you all so much in advance!


 - Ian

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Assuming your get-away has not been cancelled due to the mass hysteria, I'll give it a shot here.  Having lived in the Nashville area most of my life, I've played most of those you listed and of those, Hermitage is where I'd land. The older course there (General's Retreat) is my favorite non-private course. It's usually in top shape and can be challenging without being brutal. I've never played the President's Reserve simply because it cost more and I liked the older course, but have friends who play it and all seem impressed with the course.

Gaylord Springs is nearby also and is usually in good shape. It can be a beast if you're not hitting it straight. Greens are normally in top shape and rather swift.

Both Indian Hills and the Legacy are good courses but are a step down from Hermitage and Gaylord. I found the Legacy to be a bit tougher course that Indian Hill, especially if you are not hitting it fairly straight. And the courses are in opposite directions from Nashville; Legacy being north and Indian Hills south.

Best of luck.

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Postponed due to COVID hysteria - Hopefully November if the Apocalypse allows...

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