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TM M5 and Ping G LS Tec Drivers, shafts, Kiawah logo Bag, etc.

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Paypal fees and CONUS shipping included. I'm willing to ship anywhere but I'd need to quantify the cost to ship outside of CONUS. Please inquire about discounts for multiple items, particularly for shipping shafts. I'm also happy to provide additional pics or measurements as requested. I am new to this forum and don't sell online often, but my Ebay ID is benphsc if you want to check feedback. Open to offers but not trades unless somebody has some nearly new JPX919 Tours or Mp's with C-Taper Lite X or Project X LZ 6.0 shafts.

  1. TaylorMade M5 9.0* Driver w/ Black Hzrdus 75 6.0 at 45" playing length (44" adapter tip to grip butt). MCC +4 Std Grip. Head ordered new from TM, swapped in shaft from my brother's new M5 order from TM, played a couple rounds and a couple range sessions. $275

  2. Black Evenflow Handcrafted 75g 6.0 Driver shaft with Z cord grip with TM tip, plays at 45.5" in M5 (44.5" tip to grip). Ordered new from True Temper. $150

  3. MRC Diamana D+ 62 x5ct Stiff Driver Shaft with MCC +4 Align midsize grip. Has TM adapter installed, plays at 45.5" in M5 (44.5" tip to grip), acquired on trade. $50 Inquire about pricing for various heads and shafts. Original headcover will go to whoever buys the head. $425 to bundle head and all 3 TM shafts.

  4. Ping G LS Tec 9.0 Driver. Bought used from local top-100 clubfitter shop. Comes with Ping Tour 65 X shaft at stock 45.25" playing length (44.25" tip to grip). MCC Align Std grip. Light scratch from alignment stick shown in last pic of head taken by window. Far less noticeable in person but I did my best to show it at its worst. $SOLD

  5. Evenflow White 65g 6.0 Driver Shaft, 45.5" playing length in G head (44.5" tip to grip), z-cord midsize grip. Bought new from Titleist factory order with Titleist tip and I had the Ping tip installed. Scrape on back side of shaft by ferrule as shown in picture. No touch-up attempted to make it blend in. $SOLD G head and both shafts for $SOLD, headcover included for whoever purchases head

  6. Aldila Tour Green ATX Fairway Wood Shaft, 75g 3.7 Stiff. Pulled from Callaway X2 Hot Pro 15*, only hit a couple times before pulling. Played stock 43" length. No adapter as it was pulled from a fixed head. 42" raw tip to grip. MCC Align Mid grip. $45

  7. MRC Diamana D+ 102 Hybrid Stiff. Pulled from Titleist 913H2 18* hybrid. No adapter. 38.5" raw tip to butt. Tour Wrap mid grip. $40

  8. Titleist 4UP Sta-Dry Stand Bag, Ocean Course at Kiawah embroidery on ball pocket. Embroidery is backed with waterproofing on the interior. New in plastic and box, 2016 model, ordered new from Titleist (I am a Kiawah employee). Comes with double strap and single strap as well as waterproof top cover. These are very light and balance well but I just don't need a backup bag and it's been in the box in a closet long enough. $175

M5 Head and Cover.jpg

M5 Head Crown.jpg

M5 Head Face.jpg

M5 Head Serial Number.jpg

M5 Head Sole.jpg

M5 Head Toe.jpg

Bk Hzrdus 75 6.0 Graphics.jpg

Blk Hzrdus 75 6.0 Specs.jpg

Blk Hzrdus 75 6.0 Tip.jpg

EF Black HC 75 6.0 Graphics.jpg

EF Black HC Graphic.jpg

EF Black HC San Diego.jpg

EF Black HC Tip.jpg

D+ 62 Band.jpg

D+ 62 Graphics.jpg

D+ 62 Specs.jpg

D+ 62 TM Tip.jpg

Evenflow White 65 6.0 Graphic.jpg

Evenflow White 65 6.0 Graphics.jpg

Evenflow White 65 6.0 Scrape.jpg

Evenflow White 65 6.0 Tip.jpg

Ping G LS Tec Crown.jpg

Ping G LS Tec Face.jpg

Ping G LS Tec Head and Cover.jpg

Ping G LS Tec Scratch.jpg

Ping G LS Tec Sole.jpg

Ping Tour 65 Graphic.jpg

Ping Tour 65 Graphics.jpg

Ping Tour 65 Tip.jpg

Aldila Tour Green 75 Tip.jpg

Aldila Tour Green Graphic.jpg

Aldila Tour Green Graphics.jpg

Aldila Tour Green Specs.jpg

D+ 102 Hy Band.jpg

D+ 102 Hy Graphic.jpg

D+ 102 Hy Graphics.jpg

D+ 102 Hy Tip.jpg

Shafts Grouping.jpg

Titleist Bag Logo.jpg

Titleist Bag New in Plastic.jpg

Titleist Bag Side.jpg

Titleist Bag Top.jpg

Titleist Bag.jpg

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