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Cracked chrome on Adams CC1 irons and refinishing question


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Hey Spies.


Don’t burn me down too bad for this. But what’s your take on this.


I have had a set of Adams CC1 irons 4-pw in black chrome for several years now. They were fit for me years ago. I have put them on a lie board since and still fit me perfect. Over the last 6 months I have noticed cracks appearing in the hosel of the 4 iron and 9 iron. These have not been bent in about 7 years so that wouldn’t cause it. Just curious if you have ever had that happen to you where chrome was cracking? My next question is, I recently bought the 3 iron to the set and the gap wedge brand new. The 3 iron is a beautiful brushed satin chrome. After researching it appears Adams had a tough run with the black chrome they used for sets like the CB1, CB2, CC1 etc so would you send them somewhere to have them refinished maybe to match the 3 iron? Part 3, where would you send them? (Please let me know) I will not use the iron factory after the lawsuit.


Thanks everyone!IMG_3211.JPGIMG_3212.JPG



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I am not sure the cost to ship, refinish, and return ship would be worth it.

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