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What the mail brought me


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8 minutes ago, LeftyHawk said:

When I got home from work today this was waiting for me.... just in time for my trip to the WGHOF, I leave Sunday.... this is going to be AWESOME....



Nice!!  Having played both courses, I know that not all of them will return.

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We don’t stop playing the game because we get old; we get old because we stop playing the game.”

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Gave them a test drive today in my little indoor putting/chipping area. I first bounced a new one off my putter face, like you see folks do with a wedge, I tried it with a wedge, quite comical... anyhow, there was a distinct pitch difference between the 2019 ball and the 2020 ball, both are TourB RX.

I putted both, 3 old, 3 new. Then alternate balls. The new one definitely is not as "clickly" as the 2019 and seemed to come off the putter a little hotter than the 2019 ball.

Next I went to chipping, about a 5 yard chip. Again the 2020 ball was lower in tone during club contact and seem to come off the club with more speed than the 2019. I found myself swinging a little easier with the 2020 ball to cover the same distance as the 2019 ball.

So, all in all things look promising. I'll be heading to Florida Sunday and playing the Slammer/Squire course Monday. I'll let y'all know Monday night how it went 😊


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Far and Sure......

:ping-small:G410 SFT (10.5 degree)

:ping-small:; G400 SFT (9 degree)

 :ping-small:: G20 4W

:callaway-small:       GBB Epic 7W (Heavenwood)

:ping-small:: G410 4 thru GW

 :callaway-logo-1:   MD3 54*                                                         

:odyssey-small:    Dual Force Rossie ll

:bridgestone-small:   e12 Soft



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