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Testers Announced - Fujikura Motore X Shaft

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Rogue Silver 70X tipped 1”
I like the spin and launch of my current shaft, but I would like to improve my dispersion.
Yes I have access to foresight GC2 and trackman.

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:wilson_staff_small:  Cortex w/MGS Motore X F1 7X tipped 1"

:wilson_staff_small: F5 17 degree hybrid w/Rogue Black 85X

:wilson_staff_small:C300 Forged 3-5 w/C-Taper 130X

:wilson_staff_small: FG Tour V6 5-6 w/C-Taper 130X

:wilson_staff_small: Staff Model Blade 7-PW w/C-Taper 130X

:cleveland-small: RTX4 52, 56, 60 w/S400 Tour Issue


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Dan - Alabama

Miyasaki 5R


More speed, accuracy & distance.

I have access to a launch monitor and can play outside right now in Alabama.

Driver  - Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo 10.5 * Miyazaki Kua 5 / R Flex

FW - Sub70 Pro 4 wood 16.5 * Project X HL / R Flex

Irons - Cleveland Launcher CBX 4-PW Miyazaki Kua 6 / R Flex

Wedges - Cleveland Launcher CBX 50* & 54* Rolex Wedge Flex

Putter - Cleveland Frontline Elevado 35 "

Ball - On Core Elixer

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Chris, Kentucky 

diamana df 60tx mavrik sub zero


Improve dispersion and increase speed by 1-2 mph.

yes I have access to a launch monitor 

Tour Issue M1 440 10.3 GD TP 7x


RBZ 14* Black tie Stiff


TMB 2 GD ad di 95x


Mizuno Mp5 c-taper 130x


Vokey TVD's 52, 54, 58 m-grind TI s400


Ping Sigma Kushin Orange Dot



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HZRDUS Smoke 6.0


Less spin. Have a steep swing and hit down on the ball currently. Working on that which will help to reduce spin and add distance.

Yes I have access to a sim.

Look forward to possibly testing!

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Check out my reviews:

 :ping-small: G710 Irons Official Review

:Fuji: MC Shaft & :EVNROLL: V Series Putter Official Review


:ping-small:  Traverse is filled with all this shiny metal and tracked by :Arccos::

:cobra-small: RadSpeed 8* - MotoreX F1 6X I :taylormade-small: SIM 3W - Project X HZRDUS Green 

:taylormade-small: 2019 P790 4-PW - Project X 6.5 LZ I :titelist-small: 48 (SM8), 52, 56, 60 (SM7) - Nippon Modus 125 S 

:EVNROLL: ER2VI :titelist-small: PROV1X #19 

🇺🇸Thank you to all those that have served/are serving and God Bless America 🇺🇸

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Eastvale, California 

Fujikura Atmos 5 Stiff shaft 65 Gram

104 mph driver speed

Tighter dispersion and a better feel overall. Lower Spin and increase distance is secondary but not main goal  

I own a launch monitor and use it everyday!

Rory A Gaddy

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Derrick / Washington State

Fujikura Ventus Red 5 (Taylor Made made for shaft)


I am a high handicapper, so I would like to improve everything :). More specifically, I would like to improve dispersion, while keeping spin and trajectory up. I need as much spin and trajectory help that I can get from a shaft. My miss is low hook. I have also been disappointed in the past with fittings, and haven't founder a fitter in-person who is super knowledgeable about the details of shafts. I have been told things like "if the shaft is the same flex and weight, they are essentially the same".

Yes, I have access to a launch monitor.

Follow my golf journey to break into the 80s

Tester for the Titleist TSi Driver

Spring 2020 MGS Tester for the Fujikura Motore X Shaft

Updated 11/13/2021
Driver:titelist-small: TSi 2 - Autoflex
Fairway Woods:titelist-small: TSi2 3 wood, 5 wood - Aldila Ascent 60 S
Irons:titelist-small: T300 5 to SW - LAGP AXS Red 85 Stiff double soft stepped
Wedges:Miura: K-grind 2.0 58 wedge - Xcaliber RT Spin Wedge 100
Putter:  SIK DW Armlock - LAGP 180 armlock shaft

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Greg S./ Washington

Current Driver Shaft:  Fujikura Speeder Evo II 757 extra stiff

Driver Swing Speed: 120 mph

Tighter dispersion and a touch less spin

Yes, my range is equipped with TopTracer


  :callaway-small: Callaway EPIC Flash Sub Zero Triple Black Diamond 10.5* w/ Fujikura Speeder Evo II 757 x-flex

PXG 0341 Gen 1 3-wood w/ Aldila NV2KXV Blue 70g x-flex

 :ping-small: Ping G400 22* x-flex

:mizuno-small: Mizuno MP-18SC 4-6i w/ Aerotech SteelFiber i110cw x-flex

:mizuno-small: Mizuno MP-20 7-PW w/ Aerotech SteelFiber i110cw x-flex

:ping-small: Ping Glide 2 52,56 and 60* w/ Aerotech SteelFiber i110cw x-flex

:bettinardi-1:  Bettinardi Kuchar Arm lock model #1 @ 42"

:bridgestone-small: Tour B XS


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Christopher - Washington

Fujikura Ventus Blue 6.5


Would like to see more backspin, same dispersion, better distance. 

I do


Driver:   :taylormade-small: SIM2 Max 12° - Accra TZ6 M4

FW Wood:    :cobra-small: F7 17.5° - Fujikura Pro

Utility:    :cobra-small: King Forged 20.5° Utility - Catalyst X

Irons:   image.png.cbfb2d938ea45d82004d9bdeb23cf643.pngD7 Forged GW-5i - Recoils

Wedges:   :Sub70:  JB 52° , 286 56°

Putter:   :taylormade-small: MySpider X

Cart: image.png.5aa5e9b8c0d6e08a2b12be76a06a07ca.pngOnewheel XR+




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AVG. 115-117 MPH

I love the shaft I have now to be honest but less spin is always a great start. Dispersion would be second for me followed by distance. I do not mind sacrificing distance for accuracy. 

I own a Foresight Sports GC2 + HMT setup with an indoor bay in my garage! I can get all the numbers you want from this device. It is used daily. 

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UST/Mamiya Coool 6X

107-110 mph

I would like to reduce spin and help with dispersion, I have struggled the past three years with consistency.

I do have access to a launch monitor, if needed, either Trackman or Foresight.

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Chase - Texas

Project X Even Flow White 6.5

110 MPH swing speed

I would like to produce a bit more carry distance and be able to hit a “go-to” squeeze fade off the tee with a little more ease.. current shaft doesn’t seem to ever want to fade enough.

I have full access to TrackMan 

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Awesome to see this to start the testing year. I just got the Ventus that I had been fitted for so don't want to mess with that, but will be following this one closely. IMO shafts will be where equipment advances over the next few years more than anything else. Good luck to the testers!

Driver:  :titelist-small: TSi 3 10* w/ Graphite Design AD IZ 7X 

Fairway: :titelist-small: TSi 2 15* w/ Graphite Design AD IX 7X

Hybrid: :titelist-small: TSi2* 17* w/ Atmos Blue 85x  

Utility: :ping-small: i500 3i (19*) w/ MMT 125tx

Irons: :cobra-small: Forged Tec Black 4i, King Forged CB 5-GW w/ KBS $ Taper 130

Wedges:  :vokey-small: SM7 54 S, 58 M w/ Modus 125

Putter:  :cameron-small:  California Hollywood 34" Circle H

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Sam/ Minnesota 

Mitsubishi Diamana S

110mph swing speed

I would like to see my swing speed increase past 115mph but also help my dispersion.

I will have access to a launch monitor because I am in an indoor league.

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Ping Tour Stiff 65

103 mph

I actually am hitting my driver really well right now, but my flight is a bit too high.  I'd like to lower the height of my driver.

My teacher has one that he would allow me to use during a lesson. 

Driver- G410 plus 9°

Fairway- Ping G410 LST 14.5°

Hybrid- 818 H2 19°

Irons- 4-PW 718 AP3

Wedges- Vokey SM7 48°  54°  58°

Putter- Taylormade Spider X

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On 2/6/2020 at 7:55 AM, Golfspy_CG2 said:

With the release of the USGA/R&A Distance Report this week, it seems the perfect time to offer a review of a shaft that is designed for....guess what...more club head speed.

The Fujikura Motore X shafts hit stores this week, and even debuted in the bag of at least one PGA Tour Pro at the Waste Management. You can read all the details of the new shaft on the home page in this first look piece by My Golf Spy's Chris Nickel, to see how Fujikura says they are able to "Multiply" a drivers swing speed.    Read it Here

Will it work for you? Well that's what we're going to ask five forum members--that reside in the United States--- to test for themselves and report back to the forum on the results The five testers will go through a phone fitting with a Fujikura fitter to determine the best model for them. They will then receive the shaft put it through paces on the range--Ideally with a launch monitor access--and on the course over several weeks, track and monitor the results versus their current gamer, then write and publish their full length review here on the forum.  Testers will be required to keep up an ongoing dialogue in the review thread while testing the shaft.

Once the testers are selected and most likely during the phone fitting, you will be asked what driver head you are using, and the shaft will be sent with the adapter for that head, you will be all set to put it on and go test!!

Fujkura Motore X Shaft

How to Apply to Enter

Read ALL the details below and enter your information in a post in this thread. PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE THIS POST IN YOUR REPLY.  JUST PROVIDE THE INFO REQUESTED.

Testing is for US Residents per the OEM's request.

First Name/State

Current Driver Shaft 

Current Driver Swing Speed

What if anything would you like to improve in regards to your driver shaft..such as more or less spin, better dispersion, more distance..etc.

Do you have regular access to a Launch Monitor--Not required, but would be helpful in testing.

That's it, we'll be selecting the testers sometime late next week. Good Luck!


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Ping G410 Plus/Stock Regular Shaft

88-93 club head speed

Believe the shaft is the real motor in producing greater club head speed and distance. Looking for MORE distance.

I have access to a FlightScope launch monitor.

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Adam / Mississippi

Fujikura Atmos Orange 5

100-102 mph

Hi launch, low spin, and more distance

I have a Flightscope Mevo and access to launch monitor at my local club

Cobra Radspeed 10.5 LAGolf Trono 6X

Callaway Epic 3 Wood

Callaway X2Hot 2 Hybrid

Sub70 3Hybrid

Sub70 699 Pro Black 5-PW

Cleveland Zipcore 48,52,58

Sub70 005 Wide Putter

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