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MaxFli or Snell

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On 2/24/2020 at 4:28 PM, Larryd3 said:

I'm kind of curious, how many balls are you guys losing a round?  I just don't see price as the most important factor in determining what golf ball to play.  It's just such a small part of the cost of golf.  I'm all for saving money but you use the golf ball on every shot so kind of important.  For me, I'm losing or wrecking 1 ball every couple rounds, sometimes more obviously and sometimes less.  But back to the OP post, I'd go with the Snell balls.  

I might lose 2 or 3 per round.  For me, spending less on balls means that I can afford to play more golf.  When you play Pro V1s at $5 a ball and lose 3 per round, you are losing $15 worth of balls.  Over the course of a month, thats $45 worth of balls.


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