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Monte Scheinblum clinic - AKA On the road with KennyB.

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2 hours ago, cksurfdude said:

Hey all - will post a fuller write-up / description after I get back home, but finished up Day 2 of my Monte clinic in NJ; on course playing lesson is tomorrow morning.

Briefly: it is WAAAAY worth it, and I highly recommend it to anyone .. of any playing ability .. if you're even remotely considering it!

FYI - there are two married couples here, one older (maybe 60s), one younger (maybe around 30ish) - and the ladies are loving it and getting a lot out of it! (So it's not just macho guys smashing long balls endlessly)

Despite the 3 .. yes, THREE .. hour drive thru stop & go traffic that should've been 1 1/2 hours on a normal day to get here (but hey _this_ is the new normal in the NY Metro area...) .. and the resulting tight, sore back .. I'm really glad I came.

Monte is also a fun entertainer with all kinds of fascinating .. and hilarious! .. stories of some of his past (mis-) adventures, but bottom line he is genuinely, truly concerned with making sure each person gets some solid piece of improvement to go home with to work on 👍

Told you!!  Martha loves Monte, and he has helped her gain a lot of distance. She was killing it this weekend.  

Glad you are having a great time.  You will love the on-course lessons... best part of the clinic.  Ask Monte to show you the putter shot out of the rough.  Amazing!  I've used it a few times when I was close to the green in thick rough with the green sloping away.  Takes a little practice but a very handy shot that gets closer to the hole than using a LW.

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22 minutes ago, Kenny B said:

Ask Monte to show you the putter shot out of the rough.

Will try to remember that, thx!!

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