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You’re killing me JohnSmalls...WITB

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12 hours ago, JohnSmalls said:

Those old Macs will be there forever!  There is something about hybrids.  I am starting to like them more and more.  I am thinking about tinkering this summer with my long game.  Need some practice time to get it worked out.  But looking at maybe adding another hybrid.  You'll have to toss that Frankenscotty in the bag when I'm back down there.  How many putters are on the rotation right now?  I would be leaving putts short for days with that Wilson 600

That's right you never have seen the Rusty Scotty I was gaming the Ironmaster when you played with me. Really seriously only 3 in the rotation The 600 the rusty Scotty and a putter I have always wanted and did a trade deal on which is a TP Mills Mizuno #1. The hybrids really helped me once I found 2 I do not hook the crap out of. Anyone from Charlotte that knows me from the old days will tell you about my trick 6 wood. Yeah even though I carried only a 3 wood I carried a 1 iron and that 6 wood. I could do some trick stuff with it. Well in my old age I found I can do some of the same tricks with the little Adams 22*. I also found a Adams boxer hybrid 19* and that is the ugliest golf club I have ever seen. Man that thing is a dependable rocket. Trust me I will bring the Scotty  the next time we play

Driver Homna  G1- X Stock Homna Regular shaft

4 wood Adams Tight Lies 

20* Hybrid Adams Boxer Ozik Matrix R shaft

24* Hybrid Adams A 10-OS Pro Launch Red R

Irons 5 thru PW 1980 Macgregor VIP Hogan Apex #2 shafts

SW- Macgregor LRA 56* S-400

Putter 1997 Santa Fe rusty as heck




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