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The Genesis Invitational

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1 hour ago, sixcat said:

Actually sounds amazing!  Other than having a work email, I seriously considering dropping everything else.  I would drop the phone altogether but have to have one professionally. 

She just started sending texts about 6 months ago, but that is pretty much limited to me, her sister and one friend who lives in Japan.  It's funny to watch her tap out a text on the flip phone.  I remember those days and they were very frustrating. 

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2 hours ago, Rickp said:

The only reason we have iPhones is to Face Time Gkids, outside of that a flip phone would be fine.
We don’t do Facebook or Twitter (I gave it up). We do have Instagram because the Gkids have private accounts.

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Facetime and Skype (on computer) are great. We get to talk (see) my daughter in Australia on a frequent basis. Much better than just a call. 

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