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First lesson experience and benefits

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I really appreciate this thread.

I've shot in the mid-80's for most my life. I went and got fitted two years ago and invested in new clubs. My goal is to get down into the 70's. I do practice a couple of times a week in a net. I've definitely improved, but am not as consistently low as I want to be or feel I should be.

I belonged to one online coaching/lessons for about a year. I stopped the subscription, because I didn't see any real gains from it. It also, jacked my swing up for a little while. Moreover, the best insights I figured out on my own. I didn't think it was worth continuing.

However, I did benefit learning about the swing, which I really enjoy because I have never had anyone really knowledgeable about golf teach me about it. Nevertheless, my golf score didn't benefit much, and I wondered if it was because I didn't pay for the individualized coaching, looking at videos of my individual swing.

I still wonder: if I desire to be a single digit handicapper, how much do I need to know and understand my swing?

  • Do I need to be able to diagnose and fix my own swing? 
  • How do good golfers (low 70's) typically go about fixing their game? Other good golfers? Coaches? Your own knowledge?
  • How do they (you) get the knowledge that made the most impact on your game?

Or, does it boil down to simply playing/practicing more and practicing my short game more?

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