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Unofficial Review: WHOOP Fitness Tracker

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Great review! I got a Whoop and did the 6 month commitment, but after about 3 months of consistent use, decided that I would not be continuing my membership after the initial 6 month period. That wasn't because the device was flawed. I found that it was very accurate, and the data was really cool and helpful to see. The most interesting thing to me was definitely being able to quantify how much of an impact alcohol has on your body's ability to recover! Ultimately though, while I found value in it and think it works well, I personally felt that I hit a point of diminishing returns since it effectively quantifies things that I consider common sense - if you eat crap, drink, don't sleep enough, and are stressed, then you're going to recover poorly. Conversely, if you eat healthy, limit your alcohol, manage stress, and sleep a lot, then you're going to feel better and be healthier. On top of that, since I'm not a professional athlete where every minute of my day revolves around training and optimizing performance, I felt that despite knowing what daily behaviors I should try to change, I still had limited ability to enact that change (I have to get up and go to work at a certain time every day, so I can't just sleep an extra 2 hours because Whoop says I need it, ya know?).

So while it was really cool to see some of this stuff quantified to get a sense for the direct impact various factors have on my body's health and performance, I personally felt like I got everything I wanted out of it in about 4-8 weeks, and then it added marginal value to my life. I'm also a watch guy, so I felt like I was sacrificing being able to wear watches I like in order to wear the Whoop. With that in mind, if they added a screen to make it more of full featured smartwatch, then I would be interested again, since I wouldn't mind having that data if the device also added other value. However, the data alone just wasn't enough to keep me using it long term.

Last caveat - I would totally start using it again if I was going to train for something that requires me to craft my daily life around that training (such as a triathlon type event). It would be very helpful for that since it does a good job logging heart rate, exercise, calorie burn, and guiding you on how aggressively to train on a day to day basis given your recovery. But for an average person who just wants to understand a bit more about their body, I felt that it was a cool experience, just not something I need regularly forever.

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