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2020 Official Member Review: Fujikura Motore X shaft

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Posted (edited)

Was able to get in 1 more round. Right now I'm I'm counting each round as a blessing knowing that my days of playing could come to an end at any moment. 

Today I tried a little experiment. Noting my launch angle from the sim between 13 and 14°, I did a comparison of 9.5° vs 8° loft setup. I've normally been hitting 9.5°. 


First shot with my usual setup..

Nailed it! 


I figured there wasn't much sense in reducing the loft.. but I went ahead for the sake of data collection. 


I think I'm glad I did..



Well surely this was just a lucky coincidence right?..

Nope, this from the next par 4..



The last one was a slight push that still ended up on the right side of the fairway. All 3 though we're almost scary straight. 

So my final pic.. I'm really hoping to use the funds from the sale of my Pro force V2 to by an X flex V2 to throw in the mix. Either way, I'm done with the V2 S flex. 



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15 hours ago, azstu324 said:

man that takes some confidence to swing over the concrete like that.. I don' t think my nerves would be equipped to dance with that kind of danger 😳

It's actually not as scary as it looks.  At the beginning, my driver is actually resting on the mat.  I am definitely wanting a smaller hitting mat to put on that side though.

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I'm really itching to get back out on the range and the course, but I am guessing things here will be shutdown for quite a bit longer. My SIM Max head is coming back tomorrow, with 5 to 6 grams of hot melt added.

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