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Putt-Out rollout from perfect putt

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So I have a PuttOut and a indoor mat (birdie ball) that's supposed to be a 10 / 11 on the stimp.

If I put a ball into the perfect putt micro target and juuuuuust get it to roll out back down the ramp on the 10 stimp direction, it goes ~30" down the mat, not 18". If I want it to roll out ~18", I need to release it from about the middle of the ramp fork that leads up to the micro-target. 

How far does it roll out for other folks? 

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To think of this idea, sir, makes you a golf nerd. And you are among likeminded friends. Welcome!

I have a putting green in my basement. The first surface I had on it was a kind of heavy felt. I did the exact same thing you did and "Stimped" it with the PuttOut. Here's the link to my post about it, but here's the relevant information:

Downhill, a ball released from the Putt-Out traveled on average 52". Uphill, it was right at 24".

I ended up resurfacing the green with a much nicer turf, and repeated the test. Again, here's the link, and here are the results:

On the MegaGrass surface, it rolled out 30" downhill, and about 15" uphill.

So all this to say: it seems like PuttOut's estimate of 18" of roll would have to be on a relatively slow green, probably somewhere around 8 or less.

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Well I guess that's why my eye seems to like putts that roll just up to the base of the perfect putt opening more than all the way up!

Thanks for the summary @GolfSpy MPR that's some really good info.

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