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2020 drivers not adding much speed

did you see that?

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On 5/29/2020 at 9:53 AM, appletonjim said:

I saw and heard basically the same info from a number of videos and stats compilations like this so I made the decision to go with a 2018/19 M5 at a significant discount.  I paid full price for my Apex irons with a fitting so I am not (too) reluctant if the justification is there to pay the price for an upgrade.  It was for my irons so I did it.  I knew the driver was next - played an original RBZ - and have been looking at Epic Flash, TM 5/6, Cobra, and a few other vs Mavrik, SIM, Speedzone. Without seeing dramatic improvements with this years models to justify that price difference I pulled the trigger on the best deal I could get.

Kinda stoked to hit it for real after a few hits into the net.  Hope the honeymoon period lasts a long time.   Wish it was going to be here for Saturdays skins game but oh well.   

Well the new TM M5 has been in the bag for 9 and 18 holes so far.  Had not had any time for serious range work but did hit a few warm up balls so I am starting to get a feel for it.  My previous trajectory was lower than I would like so I did loft up and I see that as an improvement.  Also just did a quick set to middle and full fade on the weights to counteract my hook just a little - need to play with that a little more.  The sound is not metallic at all - much more muted. It does sound solid and pretty satisfying when you hit one good.  Bad hit is still a bad hit - can't fix stupid - but the general accuracy on anything better than bad is better.   Overall I am not sure it is appreciably farther on the perfect hits vs perfect hits comparison - I would need the trackman to tell me that and I don't have one.  However on the not perfect hits it is much better. Happy so far.  

Next up is replacing my old Wilson Staff Fybrid 3 hybrid.  Bought it at a Wilson demo day in '08 I think.  It's a little heavy and for me prone to hooking - although everything is.  That may mean looking for adjustable weights on this as well.  Hybrids don't seem to hold their value quite so much on the secondary market so I have seen some pretty good deals on TourEdge and a few others.

Hit 'me straight...

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I doubt nowadays that you are going to see much if any increase in ball speed as mot of the OEM's are on or close to the maximum allowed. What I see is that it is all about enlarging the size of the sweet spot and maximising the speed across the club face. 10 years ago you could loose as much as 30-40M, today it is more like 10-15M

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