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Testers ANNOUNCED: (4) PING G710 Irons

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Derek in California

Handicap 15.6

Titleist 716 AP1

7-iron carry 150

:titelist-small: TS2 9.5* Mitsubishi Tensi 55 gm Stiff

:titelist-small: 915F 5w Mitsubishi Diamana White Stiff

:titelist-small: 816 H1 21* 23* Mitsubishi Diamana Blue Stiff

:titelist-small: 716 AP1 5-AW

:titelist-small: Vokey SM5 52* 56*

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On 3/13/2020 at 2:16 PM, Golfspy_CG2 said:

Testers Wanted (4) Ping G710 Irons

Nothing like getting the official start of the MyGolfSpy Forum testing season off to a grand start with a set of irons that follow one of the most successful irons in the recent history of PING.

When launched in the spring of 2018 the G700 irons caught golfers by surprise. They were different in almost every way from any iron PING had produced. And they performed, boy did they perform. Now, as is typical for PING, two years later they've launched the new version: the G710 irons. The most noticeable visual difference is the stunning stealth black finish. But PING wouldn't be PING if there weren't several technical improvements. Chief among those is sound and feel. But don't take our word for it—that's where you come in. Four MyGolfSpy Testers will be selected to test, review, and keep the G710 irons.

Testing will require a commitment of putting the irons in play on the course and at the range and providing ongoing commentary in the forum throughout the process.

G710 Iron.jpg

How To Apply


As an extra bonus the selected testers will have the option to choose Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips equipped with Arccos. The clubs will come with a 99 day free trial to Arccos. After that the tester will be responsible for paying for the subscription in order to continue it. It will be a great way to add data to your review. 

PING has opened this testing to all golfers regardless of country of residence. To apply to be a tester follow the instructions below.


In a post in this thread please provide the following information...AND DO NOT QUOTE this post when replying!

First Name / State or Country of residence


Current irons in Play

The carry distance of your 7 iron

That's it. Good luck to everyone.

We'll be selecting the testers within the next 10 to 14 days, so check back to see if you've been selected!


Tom Ireland


Cleveland Launcher HB


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Matt / Maryland


Callaway X-20 3-PW


 :ping-small: G30 10.5

:callaway-small:  Big Bertha Alpha 815 14

:ping-small: i20 17&20 Hybrid

:callaway-small: X-20 3-PW

:callaway-small: Razr X-Forged A Wedge

:cleveland-small: 56 Tour Action 14 bounce

:callaway-small: 60 Mackdaddy 2 10 bounce

:odyssey-small: Metal-X Number 1

:titelist-small: 990 1 Iron...when I'm feeling cheeky

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Bob - San Jose CA 

index 18

ping G 700 

160 yards - 

Hello - I am a fan of your forum - I would enjoy playing the new irons - and making detailed comments and observations about them- I have been playing 1 1/2 years - and have come down from a 29 to an 18 - and I am very detailed in my approach to improvement- I play 1-2 times a week - take a lesson every month - set goals - make plans and take notes on my game and improvements -I am very analytical - read a lot about the game and equipment- I play pings G700  4- gap wedge - plus ping glide 2.0 wedges and ping woods - I came down 10 strokes last year - and believe I can get down 5-6 more this year - I can provide detailed comments to you and your readers - in a well written fashion- thanks for the opportunity - Bob 

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