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Putter offset in relation to eye dominance


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I’m right/right dominate, but also wear mono vision contacts. Left for reading and right for distance. Unfortunately the ball tends to be in a no man’s land and I need to consciously focus to get it zeroed in. Was driving me crazy and I just shifted back to a more feel oriented putting style.



Anyone else using mini vision contacts and a little bewildered?



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Right/Right...give me the flow necks with less than a full shaft of offset please...

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I used a Odessay 9  Flow neck with little offset. which seems to fit my eye for most of my putting life 

I felt that I was not rolling it as well as other people with more modern putters and switch to plumbers neck which looks really ugly to me.
However if I hold the putter cack hand the neck design actually makes sense to me and looks much better and fits my stroke.  
I notice that cack hand  grip keeps my wrist arched downward and I have been rolling the ball better 
I don’t believe that eye dominance makes a difference 

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I'm RH and Left Eye dominant. A few observations I've made over the years: little to no offset is preferred and I need the ball position at or forward of my left eye if I'm going to start a putt in the right direction. Also, I am a non-linear putter (as most of us are even though we will always try to be linear at some point) 

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Right/Left and I’ve used center shafted and full offset and I get the same results. Most of what I’ve read has always advised right/left should use no offset/center shafted, but I can’t say that has been the go to for me. I have a Seemore Z2 (CS) and and Odyssey 10 2 Ball TT and I put better with the Odyssey (mostly due to better lag putting with the mallet). But I would say that I am very dependent on alignment aids-  wonder I wonder is that has anything to do with being Right/Left? 

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Eye dominance or field of vision or degrading vision only seems to have an effect on how I see the line and where my head position needs to be to keep from subconsciously adjusting the stroke.  I putt about the same mechanically with any type putter.

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Right handed left eye dominant and I had a very hard time lining up a putter until I went to a center shaft putter.  Zero offset just seems to help me see the line better.  I’m actually curious about trying to build a putter with negative offset (I know some exist but am not blown away by any of the existing models).  Going to a center shaft putter has really helped my game. 

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