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What is a best brand of golf apparel? & Why are golf clothes so expensive?


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Most current day softer polyesters are derived from petroleum based products versus the plant based of the 70s and 80s which produced heavier, itchier clothing. The raw material cost is also going up due to the addition of new aromatics like paraxylene, which help with the stretch of the material. They are no longer taking polyester and making a shirt from it, they are adding new hydrocarbons/aromatics to the polyester for better performance = higher $$$ for raw materials. 

A lot goes into the price of a shirt. R&D, raw materials, overhead (salaries, office space, etc), marketing, retail space or website, etc. I know a rep with a major golf apparel line and they said a general rule of thumb is if you look at the retail price of the shirt, half goes to the manufacturer, half goes to the retailer. If you see a shirt marked down around 50%, then that retailer is desperate to get it out of their inventory. 

Shirts, pants, and shorts have some of the highest markups for their company. Shoes, hats and other accessories don't have quite the markup. 

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Honestly, I’ll buy whatever is on sale. Thankfully, there is an Outlet Mall nearby and I’ve bought too many pairs of shorts to count from UA and Adidas stores. Don’t think I ever paid more than $30 for any one pair of shorts from them once they’re on sale. 

Shirts however, I’m extremely picky about ... do like the Nike blade collar shirts and just recently discovered Adidas Heat.Rdy blade polos that are in their tennis category. Bought 3 pairs of their shirt (white, teal, and light purple) and I absolutely love them and only hope they make more. 

I’ll also admit, I do try to keep my attire worn for my rounds on the course all within the same brand. Nike hat, shorts, shirt, shoes ... same for other brands. Did recently order Skechers golf shoes and curious how that attire will work the first time out. Lol

As PrimeTime said it himself, ‘If you look good, you feel good ... if you feel good, you play good ... if you play good, you get paid good.’ 😎

But I agree, golf attire is pricey and I rarely ever pay full price. 


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For Polo’s:
1) Puma ( love the graphics/designs)
2)Oakley ( slightly tight across shoulders, but great designs)
3)Nike ( the blade collars brought me back)
4) Under Armor( great shirts, a little vanilla in design for my taste)

1) puma (great colors and comfort)
2) UA( super stylish bottoms, wish the tops looked as good
3)Oakley (breathable/comfortable)

1) Nike
2) UA
3) Puma

I suppose we all have different definitions of “expensive” but I shop the Adidas, Nike, & UA factory outlets: these aren’t irregular products, they’re just overstock. Most of my Puma gear is from the discount rack of Golf Galaxy or PGA tour superstore, or golf discount.com

- much like the ski/snowboard industry, last year’s products can be had for cheap..

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I have 5 Nike, 2 UA and 1 Callaway polos and I didn’t see any reason to pony up for an expensive brand. But I bought a $95 Travis Mathew polo on sale for about $55. And I have to say it’s clearly a better made shirt, longer tails (I’m tall so that’s a must), and the fabric is unbelievably thin and cooler - yet still opaque and presumably durable. I was so pleased I bought another TM polo, also on sale (I can’t justify $95).

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Best is really subjective. Some of the most comfortable shirts I have ever worn have very wild prints. I love to have fun. I get lots of comments from I con't believe you would wear that to that looks great, to is that how you reused your mom's draperies. Check them out, Bad Birdie. I saw them on Shark Tank and had to have them. Incredibly comfortable. I own 4.

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I've only had a few high quality polos like Greg Norman, Nike etc because they are expensive but I absolutely have never found a cheap shirt that is as nice as some of the expensive ones. Definitely have seen some expensive ones that weren't that nice as well though.

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3 minutes ago, NewMillenniumAthletics said:

I've only had a few high quality polos like Greg Norman, Nike etc because they are expensive but I absolutely have never found a cheap shirt that is as nice as some of the expensive ones. Definitely have seen some expensive ones that weren't that nice as well though.

32Degrees makes really nice polos for $7.99-$11.99

i also just picked up their rain jacket for $24.99

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On 7/14/2020 at 11:31 PM, aerospace_ray said:

One brand I recently started wearing for my golf shirts is John Morgan. For years I purchased (for golf) what I saw in a PGA SS, Dicks Sporting Goods, etc the standard Nike, UA, and Adidas. Maybe an occasional Polo Ralph Lauren.

 I really like the John Morgan golf shirts. I get quality, good look/classic look and built in stretch material without feeling overly like a workout shirt. I am stocky build and these do not restrict me at all whether my shirt is out (practicing) or tucked in (competition). 

 First to admit they are a little pricey but IMO well worth investment. https://johnmorgansportswear.com/collections/summer-golf-collection

On your rec, I ordered a couple John Morgan shirts that were on sale. Look forward to trying them out! 

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In my :ping-small: Hoofer:

:ping-small: G410 LST 10.5* - Evenflow Black 65 6.0

:nike-small: VRS Covert 3W 15* - Kuro Kage 65 S-flex

  :titelist-small:  T200 4-GW, DG X100 Tour Issue - Tester

:ping-small: Glide 2.0 Stealth 54.12 SS & 58.10 SS

:ping-small:  Zing 2 LW - 60*

:ping-small:  Anser 2

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On 10/17/2020 at 6:49 PM, Tarheelvolvo said:

On your rec, I ordered a couple John Morgan shirts that were on sale. Look forward to trying them out! 

Alright @aerospace_ray, my John Morgan shirts arrived!

First off, super fast shipping!! I ordered them late Friday night and they were out the door Monday and to my door today!

Second, the box and presentation are TOP NOTCH! I've ordered much nicer, well known brands and they didn't take the time and effort to put their clothes in such a nice, sturdy box with tissue paper and their little sticker logo to seal it all up.

Lastly, I tired them on to make sure the fit was right before washing and was equally impressed. Great feeling fabric, longer than regular polos for active wear (eg: looks like they won't come untucked during your swing), and as Ray said, they are mostly cotton so feel soft on your skin😉

As long as these hold up during use and washes, I think these are my new go to! Nike, Adidas, Puma, Oxford, etc... all feel too plasticky and these are as good as, if not better than, Peter Millar quality at a fraction the price (if purchased on sale...which I obviously did!). Keep you guys posted on wear and tear as I have some tournaments coming up early next month.

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In my :ping-small: Hoofer:

:ping-small: G410 LST 10.5* - Evenflow Black 65 6.0

:nike-small: VRS Covert 3W 15* - Kuro Kage 65 S-flex

  :titelist-small:  T200 4-GW, DG X100 Tour Issue - Tester

:ping-small: Glide 2.0 Stealth 54.12 SS & 58.10 SS

:ping-small:  Zing 2 LW - 60*

:ping-small:  Anser 2

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I have quite a few Greg Norman polos (too many if you ask my wife) and 1/4 zip pullovers and have been very pleased. I've picked these up over the years and Costco or Sam's and the quality is there. Most were less than $20. 

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:titelist-small: 915 H4 Diamana Red

:benhogan-small: Apex Edge Pro Apex 4

:titelist-small: Vokey SM6 50F/54S/58S

:bettinardi-small: Ben Hogan BHB5/:cleveland-small: Huntington Beach 11S

:titelist-small: Pro V1x


Bag Boy Chiller

Bag Boy Quad XL


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From a quality and budget perspective these are my best pics that you can't go wrong with:

Pants - Inesis (Decathlon) or Kando (Uniqlo) Great quality, Dirt Cheap, and a good selection.



Polos - Uniqlo, well priced and last long


For that extra touch of funk or humour its all Golf Gods or William (Bill) Murray for me:




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I am a major user of Greg Norman shirts/shorts but since Macy’s dropped them, I have gone to GN outlet store. Also, my wife likes to go to Goodwill and ha# brought home several “new” GN shirts with original tags for $5 to $10! I like the GN line because they look terrific coming out of the dryer.

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Hybrid: Ben Hogan VKTR 3 Hybrid(18*)w/Recoil ES regular shaft

IronsTitleist T300 5-PW w/Fubuki MV Senior graphite shafts w/Golf Pride Tour

Wedges: Cleveland RTX Zipcore (50*/54*/58*) w/DG Spinner wedge shafts 

Putter: 33”   Evnroll ER2 w/Evnroll Gravity Grip 

Bag: Vice cart bag(Black). 

Ball: Maxfli Tour CG & Titleist Pro V1x.

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Amazon essentials men's straight fit stretch golf pants, $22 .  Just as knice as izod pants in same style, a little heavier fabric, I like these so much I wear them to work everyday.  I have been playing a lot of cold weather golf , just wear some tsla base layer, and these Amazon pants, a tsla base layer shirt, and fleece lined  stretch mid layer and a callaway lightweight windbreaker jacket.  Have not been cold yet. Plus I look good.  Always wear grey pants. White black or grey shoes, I rotate them, black or blue TSLA fleece lined 1/4 zip mock turle. Black or grey windbreaker, black or white callaway hat, black fotjoy or callaway winter gloves. 

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Callaway Mavrik 7w

aldila rogue white 130msi 70S

Mizuno JPX-919 hot metal 

5-lw, tt tour new concept x1 shafts

Odessey triple track 7 putter.

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I’ll be honest I don’t buy much from retail stores. I look for the premium brand clothing at a significantly discounted price. Greyson, Peter Millar, polo etc on the secondary market such as poshmark, grailed, and golf WRX. Once you know your price it makes it pretty easy 

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:vokey-small: SM8 50,54, and 58deg Dynamic Gold Wedge Flex

:taylormade-small:Spider Tour Putter

Vice Pro Plus White or Titleist ProV1x

:ping-small: Hoofer Stand Bag

:CaddyTek: V8 3 Wheel Push Cart

:callaway-small: 300 PRO Rangefinder

Official Nippon Regio B+ Driver Shaft Review



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During this pandemic, I've learned a few things ... the most recent is to make sure we understand return policies before buying. For example, I purchased two shirts from Golf Kings Apparel https://golfkingsapparel.com and, when received, discovered they were completely unlike the two I ordered. The on line pictures reflected a nice, distinct design whereas the pattern on the ones I received were blurred and indistinct. When I tried to return them (even sent customer service pictures!), they refused to accept responsibility. Absolutely TERRIBLE customer service.

Another case of buyer beware ... and my bad 

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