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Club Champion vs Golftec: My Experience

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I had a friend do the whole bag fitting at Club Champion and he swears by it. I've watched some of their videos and it's something I would love to do for sure. Thanks for the write-up on the two, it was good to see a comparison.
I cannot imagine doing a full bag fitting in one day to me a proper full bag fitting would have to take at least 2 if not 3 days.

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I went for Club Champion Driver and Iron fitting.  Came back with a driver fitting of $900 bucks! it was an M6 Taylor Made with a fubuki black 65-S.  I ended up putting one together off Ebay... didnt work at all.  Also they wanted to get me to change my iron shafts or get new irons.  I ended up not doing that either.  Just way too expensive.  All fancy shafts.  I mean I like fancy shafts but I cant drop that kind of dough....
I got a taylor made Sim Max-D with a evenflow 65 6.5 shaft.  Quite a combo!
I actually went a while before these reviews to do a wedge gapping. The moment I told him I was not interested in new wedges he went into that I should look into new irons because he felt my old gamers were not right for my swing speed. To me there is always a sales pitch side to it but they're a business so I understand, it's just a matter of not pressuring into something more expensive when something less expensive is very similar.

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I’d say this is spot on.  The problem for me is finding someone local, knowledgeable and independent who can do a thorough fitting. 
I’ve had good fittings at both CC and GOLFTEC.  The  number of choices of shafts CC had available made them stand out to me.  While the more expensive shafts do perform marginally better on Trackman, I’m not sure they are worth the extra $300-$500.  You can get a similar stock or even upgraded shafts offered by the  manufacturer for much less. But I ended up paying the extra $$ to make sure I had well fit clubs because I haven’t found someone local I trust who can do it as well as CC. 
I think that was the one piece I appreciated about the clubs I was looking at. Neither required an upcharge for the shafts I was going to get. You could easily purchase them off the website just as easy as the CC guy could.

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On 3/31/2020 at 11:40 PM, remste17 said:


I want all of the big shops selling $150 fittings to fail so hard. I urge anyone reading this to do some research and go try some fitters out, don't take their word as the gospel. Two out of my three fitters I would call up in a heart beat to help me re-fit or make other changes. And in another year I'd go check out the third again. Find someone trustworthy, whose business model isn't to suck an extra $500 out of you. Golftec and Club Champion have the business models that just make my stomach turn. There is so much better out there and that's why I'm here at MGS.

Here's to those fitters out there that care about actually improving your game.


everyone is welcome to their It’s on the consumer to determine what works for them. The business that don’t adapt to the market will close up shop on their own but wishing any failure is counterproductive. 

I know several fitter that I would pay $150 to and they are smaller businesses. I would also pay the fees for the TXG process and even willing to pay the extra to have Ian do the fitting if it met my schedule. 

CC, Tourspec offer a number of services it’s on the consumer to let them know what your goal is, what your budget is and have them work within that. That’s not different than hiring a contractor to build a house or do a renovation job, etc. 

It sux you had a bad experience but it’s not the norm, although we see others who were disappointed but those tend more to be they didn’t know the business model before going in

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Great write-up on the differences between the two fittings! I took lessons through Golftec a few years ago and got fit into my irons as part of it. I would concur with you assessment of their fitting. It felt like they didn't have as detailed a focus on what to look for, and they had fewer options for total fitting (at least at the center I went to). I was fit into the Mizuno MP-25s, and while I love the heads, I don't feel like my shafts are optimal.

I've been looking at Club Champion as my fitting center to replace them at some point, so I'm glad you had a favorable experience with them overall. Unfortunate that they seemed to push for a purchase, but I understand where they are coming from I guess.

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