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Portland Area Country Clubs


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Looking at several Country Clubs in the Portland Metro Area and trying to get some advice on when/how/ and if to join. Everything seems pretty expensive and there are a lot of deals out there at other courses where I could play a lot of golf and save a lot of money by not going a Country Club. 

Have talked to a few people over the last few months and gotten a lot of advice. A couple different people told me that Country Clubs all over, especially the Portland Metro Area, are really hurting financially and desperate for members. They are saying there is a lot of room to negotiate and I would be an idiot to pay a full initiation fee and/or full member rate. Wonder if this could be even more true with the Coronavirus?

So far, I have looked online and contacted The Reserve, Lake Oswego CC, Willamette Valley CC, Portland Golf Club, and Tualatin Valley CC. I have not played any of these places except The Reserve. I was really interested in Willamette Valley CC Players Club Membership and have heard great things about the course and practice facilities. Also, it does not seem to be too far away from my house.

Any suggestion on other places to look at and/or questions I should ask when inquiring about membership would be great. Also, if there are any suggestions on how to get a good deal and negotiate a better deal would also be appreciated.


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