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If You Think You've Finally "Got" The Golf Swing, It May Get You

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Tom Petri's golf opinion article in my newspaper today had a similar title. His was, "If You Think You 'Got It', It May Get You'. He writes that the three most dangerous words a golfer can utter are, "I've got it". Meaning that the golfer feels like he has finally figured out the golf swing, and he now has it down pat. Every golfer who has played golf for more that a couple of years has had moments like this when he or she is sure that finally he or she has "got" the golf swing. However, he or she has learned to their sorrow that it is not true and usually the next round of golf after this magical moment has turned into a disaster. Tom Petri cites Graeme McDowell as an example. Graeme was heard to make this statement during the recent Players Championship. We all know what happened to him in his final round of golf. It was an absolute disaster. It is a tough way to learn this lesson. And although no one claimed that Rory McIlroy made this statement during the Masters after leading the tournament for three days, one can only wonder if Rory didn't have similar thoughts before he started his final round. If so, it might explain his disaster.


Anyway after playing golf a number of years one learns that the golf swing can be very fickle. When you think you have "got it', you lose it. The fact is some days you've "got it" and some days you don't. So enjoy the days you've, "got it" and don't worry about the days you can't hit a thing. It's the only way to Play Golf For Fun.

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