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50 State Golf Challenge

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I posted this in the travel forum, but thought it might be a good discussion here also.  I recently went back and tried to list every course I have played throughout the country. It was impossible to remember every course, but I listed a good portion of them.  I also decided I want to try and play golf in all 50 states. I have a long way to go, but check out my list here: https://punchoutgolf.com/50-state-golf-challenge/

Has anyone else done this?

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Thanks for the idea. I think I have just completed mine. I collect golf balls from every course I play. Getting the list together didn't take too much time that way. Just had to fill in the courses from my early days before I started collecting balls. I'm up to 125 courses. The hard part was going back on some to find out what state it was in.

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Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Hawaii, Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky, Arizona, California, Washington, Louisiana and Florida.

Obviously I’ve got a long way to go but that’s my list thus far.

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So, My list

Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, Colorado, New York, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, California

I have a long way to go. Early in my married life when my wife and I travel sometimes I would take my clubs and play once. After my daughter was born that fell by the wayside.  

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Washington, DC, Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, North Carolina, Maryland. I'll probably head over to Virginia & West Virginia soon since they still have courses open. 

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Yes, the last time the Top 100 courses list came out I decided to map the states I've played in. While it would be a cool goal to try and hit them all, it will never happen. The states I've played in are shaded in purple.

Screen Shot 2020-05-02 at 8.37.10 AM.png

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