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TaylorMade TP Juno Putter (Black Copper Edition)

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When I first picked up this putter I knew it was the one (sound familiar). I'm guessing we've all had that "ah ha!" moment with a putter and if you haven't, you really need to get on it. I've been gaming this putter for about a year now and I cannot say better things about it. As a blade, it has the sleek design and all the ball alignment I would want. I generally will take multiple trips to the store and try out the same club or putter so I know when I buy it, it's the one I really want. I absolutely had to make sure I did it with this one because I could see it having so much potential. After testing it out a few times, the biggest takeaway I had was the balance. When I made my full stroke, I never felt like the putter was controlling me nor I was controlling it. There was harmony. I think in everyone's search for a putter, you should always try to find the one that gives you that same feeling. I also really liked the grip-to-putter weight distribution. In my experience, I noticed a well balanced putter, of any kind, is one I could roll.

I also look for feedback from the club head. Although these Scotty Camerons have immaculate feel off of the club face, I actually felt like I lost a sense of where on the face I was hitting it. The feedback I received was more important to improving my stroke and consistency. I knew right away if I didn't hit it square but I also knew when I hit it well. This isn't to say the face felt clunky or hard at all. For example, I felt like Bettinardi putters had a hard face and the sweet spot was too small. With all these things combined, I found this putter worked for me.

For the price (and it should have dropped as the seasons go on), I believe it was ~$170 (but it was a gift so idk), it was super reasonable. It felt like a very reasonable price for a very well built putter. Lets talk look. The sleek matte black design with a red face insert along with a white line on top all gave me butterflies. Barring you keep the head cover on, this putter has held up really well and it doesn't show much wear and tear. I have done some unforgivable things (forgive me Father for I have sinned) on the course with the putter but because of the black design, it has really held up. The copper tint is a classy look as well.

So if you're lucky enough to have a golf course or shop open, I'd highly suggest giving it a try or at least take into consideration all the things I mentioned!

Happy shopping!

Juno TP.jpeg

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