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2020 Official Member Review: Titleist T100S/T200 irons

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Stage 2 is now posted below after Stage 1 Stage 1 … Well, well, well I received my irons a week after THEZIPR23, blackngold_blood and DavePO43, yet am the first to Stage 1. What a bunch of s

From time to time, MyGolfSpy does brand-association surveys. Titleist is among the brands that fare best in these surveys: they have a reputation of no-nonsense quality and performance. Here's my

Stage 2 Posted Below           Thank you to Titleist, MGS, and the Moderators for allowing me the opportunity to review the T100-S irons.   My name is Ry

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This is 3 pics of darts thrown in the past few rounds......


9i from 120yd into the wind.....

Gw from 108yd

These are from same round and had another 4 within 8ft but bad greens

6i from 171yd......this started the trend also making me realize how stable these bats are.....effected very little by cross winds....

Now time to score!


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