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Walking vs Riding

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Golfed for 50 years. Always walked, have my own  push car (on my 3rd now) except for last 5-8 years I use a power cart simply because the course I go to the most has a Monday special $20 golf or $25 with a power cart so for only $5 more vs. anywhere from $20-$40 at other courses around here I just can't pass up that bargain.

If it was not for that great deal I would rather walk and I do on all other courses I play. A real benefit with the power cart is now I play 36 holes at a time, used to play 2 18's back to back, now do 18 with 2 balls instead. So you can play a lot more golf in a lot less time which I really love. So I get in twice the amout of games as usual, awesome.

 When I walk I play 27-36 holes usually.

FYI I also prefer to play solo and be the first tee off of the day (Mondays and some Fridays) for our short season in Manitoba.

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I need to make a more concerted effort to walk more. I had a season where I walked for my league, but was never smart enough to buy a push cart.

Whenever those start getting back in stock in certain places, I think that's going to be my next purchase.

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Walking is preferred if possible, sometimes its not, weather, course design (long walks between holes), whether it is a formal outing or event.  No way I can carry bag anymore, so I use a Clicgear.  Works out nice.

If a thunderstorm is possible, I won't complain about a riding cart, running and pushing a golf cart in lighting and thunder is no fun.


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3 hours ago, eschultz406 said:

I need to make more of an effort to walk. I enjoy walking way more than riding. I also feel like I play better when I walk because I stay loose. The problem is all my golf buddies don't enjoy walking so I end up riding with them. 

I agree, I always play better when I walk. I think that it also has to do with the time you have to think. Quite often I see guys drive up to there ball jump out of the buggy, grab a club and seconds later they are off. Where I start things about options as I am walking towards the my ball - you know the usual things, is it behind a tree, it is in the water, the exclaim WTF is it doing in the middle of the fairway. 🙂

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So my course recently switched over to walking due to Corona, and I have been forced to walk.  That being said, I like it better, however I have plantars fascitis and after about 9 holes it starts to hurt pretty bad.  I like walking straight to my ball and being able to think about the type of shot I want to hit while approaching the ball.  I come up from behind the ball when walking so it's easy to do.  When I ride, I tend to approach the ball from the side and don't get to really think about the shot.  I tend to see the lie, look at distance and swing.  Last year, I played in my first ever amateur event where we had the option to walk or ride.  I chose to walk thinking that walking would calm my nerves a bit.  It did and it was the right decision.  

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I enjoy walking rather than writing. Just like you said I feel like it puts me in a more focused mind stayed. And allows me those times when I'm walking to the ball where I can end of be inside myself instead of joking around with friends. Whenever I have the opportunity I walk instead of ride.

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I walk with a push cart the vast majority of the time. I find it to be a relaxing stroll most of the time. I'll get a riding cart at one of the courses nearby that has really long distances from the green to the next tee but I usually only play there once a year.

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I’m in good condition for my age but I’m battling plantar fasciitis in one foot, so I was riding almost exclusively. My regular course is walking only for now and I can walk 9 with a push cart easily. Walked 18 last week and it wasn’t as hard as I thought but I couldn’t have done it the next day, would need a rest day or two. May reconsider walking when power carts come back.

(Powered) carts don’t speed up play as many think do they? Especially on cart path only days where you walk a ton anyway.

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For those guys bothered by the heat but want to walk, consider adding 3 things. I play in Texas at a 100+ however, I have a reflective Sun Umbrella that keep it about 10 degrees cooler. I also have a small cooler with water and ice (the course doesn't mind if it is just water). Then I throw a small hydrating towel in the bottom of a cooler. I wipe my face and neck down with that ice cold towel and I am feeling great again.

I have also pre-ordered the Alphard V2 to power my cart.

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On 4/4/2020 at 5:01 PM, cciciora13 said:

Does anyone always enjoy walking vs riding for a round of golf? I walk as much as I can 9 holes more often than 18 holes but there is just something about walking that puts me in a more focused mindset. It is also relaxing just to enjoy the weather and company during a round of golf.

Walking keeps me focussed, warm muscles, and gets me away from annoying playing partners. Plus, it's not any slower than riding. I've finished 18 holes walking in 3 hours.

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3 hours ago, TimoTe said:

Walking keeps me focussed, warm muscles, and gets me away from annoying playing partners. Plus, it's not any slower than riding. I've finished 18 holes walking in 3 hours.

I agree with you it’s not any slower than riding especially if you don’t have to wait on the group in front of you. If it’s a packed day, what’s going to be the difference in walking and riding in regards to pace of play? Nothing, you just are able to get a better exercise.

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I love walking with a push cart for some odd reason I seem more focus on the my game. I walked Glen Mills golf course on Saturday it has a lot of hills so was super tough, but I played my best round ever. I par 3 of the last 4 holes on the front and ended up with an 88. But I was so tired from walking that course that on the back 9 I was beat and I think doubled 17 & 18. i like to ride if I want to get a quick round in but I rather walk. 

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I only ride when I have too.  Walking has always been my preference.  In addition to getting valued exercise, I enjoy the cadence of the game better and, like you, find that it helps me focus more.  

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I like to walk and will except when I play with my wife.  So as of now I am about 50/50.

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