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Inesis Waterproof Grip Shoes


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I just purchased my first ever pair of golf shoes. I went with the Inesis Waterproof Grip Shoes due to a combination of looks and price. It didn't hurt that they were on the most wanted list either...

Look: The shoes look great. I went with the snowy white, which on the website look a little more gray. The shoes, however, are very white. Which is fine, but I was hoping for a more muted gray. They look like a combination of a golf shoe and a running shoe. I'm digging them.

Fit: Their website said that the shoes generally run small and suggested ordering a size up. I did this, and the size up fit like a size too big. In hindsight I should have measured my foot and used their measurement guidelines which would have told me to order my regular size. That said, returning the shoes was easy. Their customer service responded quickly, sent me a return label, and my new pair was in the mail before I had shipped them the other pair back. 

Feel: The shoes feel great. They may be too narrow for someone with wider feet, but they fit my foot fine. They are a bit stiff at first, but it wasn't uncomfortable during my practice. They are soft and somewhat springy, a feel that I don't mind. I like that the grips are rubber and not "plasticy" feeling. 

Performance: I've only used them in the backyard, but they seem to perform like a golf shoe. They grip the ground great and feel stable underfoot. My yard has some muddy spots from where I've been practicing and I definitely get some slipping when I'm wearing non-golf shoes. I didn't experience any slipping in these. I'm curious to see how waterproof they are. I'm used to golfing early morning in dewy grass and finishing the round with soaked feet.

Price: Can't imagine there are many shoes that have the looks and feel for less than $80. I'd recommend them for sure. 




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I wore them for about a year after the MGS review and ranking came out. They are good shoes, feel comfortable, wear out at a normal rate compared to other make/model golf shoes I’ve tried, but they are very basic looking. I would buy them again if they improve on the looks and/or color options. 

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I too bought a pair (two pair actually, at that price why not) after the MGS report came out a year ago.  I’m a walking golfer on a hilly home course so traction, comfort and (because I play at 7am) waterproofing were all important - more so than looks. These really fit the bill. They’ve performed great and I just ordered a replacement set for my white ones - which I wear most often. After a year the little nubs on the heel and toe have worn down - which is expected. 

Id say the water proofing has held up better than any golf shoe I’ve previously owned - as FJ’s always seem to start leaking by the end of a full season.  They are as comfortable as my Eccos, which I’ve always found to be top notch.  MGS dinged them on their looks.  They are kinda boxy, certainly not flashy.  I really wish they had a black or grey.  But hey, they are just shoes  

just one cautionary word - the first few rounds out playing on soft greens you are going to see some impressions where you’ve been walking. Don’t worry, they disappear and the greens are fine.  But don’t drag your feet or make twenty putts from the same spot on the practice green. These babies really do grip the ground. 

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After killing my ankles with an old pair of golf shoes, I ordered a pair of the Inesis Waterproof shoes based on the recommendation of My Golf Spy spikless reviews. At first I ordered the wrong size (based on the size chart), but they had come in so quickly and replied to my request for return so fast that I was able to get in, try on, return, and order a new better fitting pair all within a week. That is A+ customer support right there! So now I have the correct size. At first I wore them around my house for about 2 hours to get them broken in a bit and did notice that the shoe rides a little high and irritated my ankle bones a bit, but after a while, I stopped noticing.

Then I went outside and took a few swings into my net to test how they felt. I usually hit either barefoot or in my regular tennis shoes so the difference was huge! I actually was getting so much grip that It was hurting my left knee a little because my foot was not rotating out on my follow through. Since all that felt good, I booked a tee time and played in them Yesterday. I was hoping to walk the course to test them out, but apparently the course I was playing doesn't allow walking (my mistake...). That said, by the end of the round me feet felt great. I had to hit out of sand traps about 8 times, off hard pan once, and off a tanbark type lie once as well (it was an interesting round...Scorecard posted in How'd you play if your interested). Never once did I feel my feet slip out from under me. Very happy with these shoes, and will probably be ordering more in other colors and the "dry" version as as well once they have more in stock in my 
"correct" size.

I will also be playing Poppy Hills in Monterey next week and will be walking that round. I will make a new post after I see how they fell walking a full 18.

I did have 2 minor complaints so far though. As the photos below show, when I first got it and after those couple of practice swings on my range matt, you can already see some damage to one of the spikes. That makes me concerned about the longevity of these shoes. That said, I saw no further damage to the spike after my full round so it may be fine. (You can also see where there is a manufacturing defect in the alignment of the pcs on the sole). 

My other complaint is that after one round the toe of the shoe is pretty stained. Hopefully this washes off...




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