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Whatever happened to the Snell MTB Red?

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FWIW here's the article I'm referring to.

Article is from 2018 release. Snell has evolved into the Black and X so my uneducated guess would be the red evolved into the X.

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Agree with sirchunksalot and cnosil...red went to the X.



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Yeah, Red was a little too spinny, the new X spins less with the driver and long irons, but still more than the Black with short irons.

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The MTB Red was a big deviation from Dean’s prior designs given that it was a TPU cover (vs cast thermoset urethane) and Nike’s abandoned 336 dimple design (vs his 360 LDP pattern that he developed when at TaylorMade). It was produced by the Phantom factory in China (same factory that produced for Nike and Costco's Kirkland 3-piece among others). Not sure why Dean chose this path, possibly Nassau not having available capacity at the time but ultimately it was not well received vs the Nassau MTB offerings it is not missed. The MTB X that “replaced” the MTB Red in the lineup is a noticeably better across the board (especially feel). 

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On 4/6/2020 at 10:21 AM, WpgJimmy said:

Stumbled across what I thought was a new article about the MTB Black vs MTB Red on Snell's website... anyone know whatever happened to the Red?

The complaint about the MTB Red was that it was too "spinny", especially off the driver.   Dean Snell said they addressed that with the MTBx

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