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Let's reminisce about days of the 2-iron (or 1-iron)

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Back in the late 80s and early 90s I gamed a MacGregor Muirfield 20th 1 iron.  My set comprised of Driver, 3 wood, 1, 3-SW, putter.  I also played a Titleist Tour balata ball.  I doubt I could get a modern ball in the air like I could with a balata ball.  That 1 iron was a fairway finder for me off the tee yet I could still hit it from the fairway.  I still have that iron.

Driver:  TaylorMade M3 440cc 9.5° (tour issue 9.9), Graphite Design Tour AD DI 6S

3W:  TaylorMade M4 15° (small head), Graphite Design Tour AD DI 7S

Hybrid:  TaylorMade SLDR 2I Hybrid at 17°, Graphite Design Tour AD DI 8S  ||  Irons:  Ben Hogan Icon 4-PW, Nippon Modus3 Tour 120 stiff

Wedges:  Scratch Golf 1018 forged: 50°, 54°, 58°, Nippon Modus3 Tour 120 stiff ||  Putter: Byron Morgan custom Epic Day

Ball: Taylormade Tour Preferred (2016 ball)  ||  Bag: Sun Mountain Three 5 stand bag

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On 4/10/2020 at 12:55 PM, Titleist87 said:

Some will remember and some will say, 'what is a 2-iron?" Many sets do not come with even a 3-iron or 4-iron. As a teen in the mid-80s, I carried a Power Bilt Scotch Blade 2-iron (true blade as it is flat as a pancake on the back) as my tee-off club since I did not carry woods (that I used) until I bought the Mizuno Quad metalwoods. I missed out on the persimmon era as my junior clubs were laminate. I could hit the Scotch Blade club 270. Was a great feeling hitting a flush 2-iron. I still have the club and rechromed several years ago but have yet to reshaft. Now that I am older and have played hybrids for many years, the long irons do not get used much; perhaps on the practice tee to see if I can still hit a 2-iron. My three iron sets I rotate all have the matching 2-iron but I just don't carry them anymore. The hybrid is so much easier to hit. Does anybody still carry and actively play a 2-iron? Those of the generation before me most likely had sets where the 2-iron was standard and from old 2-irons I have, most if not all have such sharp leading edges that left little room for error.

I dont really carry one anymore but back in the late '90s, when I first started playing golf, I carried a 1 and 2-iron.  They were King Snake irons, which are counterfits but I remember them actually being pretty decent clubs.  When I hit it well, it would produce a nice little stinger shot that stayed low, out of the wind and rolled out pretty far.

Currently, I have a Mizuno MP Fli-Hi 3H, which is 21 degrees and probably would have been considered a 2-iron back in the day.  I like it.  Its got a nice, slim iron profile but has a bit more meat behind the ball and is pretty easy to hit.

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"I suppose its better to be a master of 7 than to be vaguely familiar with 14." - Chick Evans

Whats in my Sun Mountain 2.5+ stand bag?

Woods: Tommy Armour Atomic 10.5* 

Irons: Mizuno MP Fli-Hi 21* and Mizuno T-Zoid True 5, 7 and 9-irons

Wedge: Mizuno S18 Blue Ion 54*

Putter: Mizuno Bettinardi A-02

Ball: Maxfli Tour X

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I still have my entire set of King Cobra II's I think from 1994 or 1995 which I originally ordered with the 1 iron through the lob wedge. I used to hit them all well. Matter of fact I played Bethpage Black with it because I knew it would find the fairway better than my driver did back then. I used the 60 degree lob wedge up until 2 years ago and replaced it with a Cleveland CBX. 



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:ping-small: Driver, G400 11* SR Flex

:taylormade-small: 3 Wood, SLDR  HL 17*  R Flex

:taylormade-small: 5 Wood, SLDR 19* R Flex

:cobra-small: 7 Wood, F6 22.5* R Flex

:Sub70: Irons, 699 Pro's S Flex (5 - AW)

:Sub70:  JB Wedge 56*

:cleveland-small: Wedge, CBX 60*

:odyssey-small: Putter, Marksman Fang 35"

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