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2020 Official Member Review: Hogan GS53 driver

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Sound clip might have to wait a bit... Funny enough I'm currently in the hospital with my wife as she's giving birth to our first child. I'll be a new baby boy's father hopefully by tomorrow! 

THE Ben Hogan GS53 Driver Review – July 4th, 2020  by 03TRDBlack Intro Follow me on my Instagram! @rob.c.slade  Also on Twitter @robslade. First and foremost, I want to th

the iconic swing is timeless... the company he founded in 1953 is committed to living up to Mr. Hogan's philosophy; they manufacture clubs 'as near perfect as modern-day tools can perform'.

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Hogan GS53 Driver Review - Official MGS Review by Pozzit


Before I begin I graciously want to thank MyGolfSpy Moderators and Ben Hogan Golf for the chance to review this Driver. I joined about a year ago when I read the Ball Testing article and found so many great articles and threads here. 

I am 32 and have been actively golfing for 20 years. I tend to start the year off with a lot of golf with plenty of early season and a week-long golf trip, then about once per week league the rest of summer. I have averaged low 80s for the last 5 or 6 years and am slowly chipping it away to an 80 average this year. My strengths have always been my irons and wedge play with a weakness in driving accuracy and putting. 20200601_160851.jpg.843d24cbc2c5ad809ae6a1b91427cd1c.jpg
My swing speed is around 105mph and I have a fast transition. My biggest issue with my driver is have cut across the ball significantly. Obviously my misses are a slice or pull depending on face angle. I also have a negative attack angle so last season I had too much spin on my drives causing ballooning and losing distance. I have been trying to work on both of those over the winter but I know I haven’t been completely successful with these.

Also If anyone has picked up on this previously I am pretty stingy with my money and clubs tend not to rotate in and out of my bag very often, until this year most of my clubs were at least 8 years old. After a fitting at TrueSpec it made me realize my driver was not helping my game at all and the hunt began. I was looking in the 1-2 year old, DTC or used options so Ben Hogan was on my radar in that search. I am very thankful to test out this club. I will be using Ben Hogan in the future and at least try some demo sets.


First Impressions

Once I was selected I checked out Ben Hogans’s site to understand all my options. Ben Hogan offers 3 shafts throughout there line up, a low launch (HZRDUS Black), Mid Launch (Tensei Blue), and High Launch (UST Helium) options. I order the Driver in 9.5* with Tensei Blue X stiff shaft, I chose this since I prefer a stiffer shaft but still wanted a Mid launch shaft. They also have an online fitting tool to help make the right decision.
I was really excited for the club to arrive and once it did it was in great shape. The box also included a very nice boxing glove headcover and a tool for adjusting the head. The club itself looked great and had head weight and CT measurements on it.
Opening up the box it is a very nice looking driver there is nothing overwhelming or flashy but a great appearance. There is an incredible shimmer to the top of the crown that in the right light looks great that doesn’t appear in any of the stock photos. 1554143836_20200504_1520542.jpg.714ceca9d53b7b03d4e0d0dc33477738.jpg20200504_152909.jpg.1d2594dbea429ba7ae60501f941e2a3d.jpg

Looks (9 out of 10 points)
As mentioned before I think the head looks fantastic at address and the head shape is similar rounded shape to most of today’s best drivers and looks really good. I also really like the subtle aspects about this driver no flashy colors or polarizing looks just a great classic design. I was skeptical on how the starburst logo would look on the crown as an alignment mark but it really looks good in silver and blends nicely with the overall color scheme. The underside of the head is nice simple and classic but could benefit from some movable weights or other adjustments. 

As a whole, the club, especially in the Tensei Blue, looks fantastic with an alternating black and silver aesthetic. I would have had to love the grip have a blue accent but it does look nice. 

Sound & Feel (10 out of 10 points)
This should be an 11 this is the best sounding driver I ever remember hearing. There is a solid thwack reminiscent of a wood head but more modern and powerful. It is such a smooth feeling club, this may sound weird but I don’t feel like this club feels “hot” it just feels smooth. All the well-struck drives just felt solid but not like a trampoline.

 I was able to tell clearly where on the face I was hitting, I made sure to test out the entire face just for you readers. I had a tendency to hit slightly toe side but noticed only slight differences between severe toe vs heel strikes being a little denser sounding but still very pleasant. 

Basic Characteristics (18 out of 20 points)
I have hit this on the range, GC2, and the course. I feel very confident with this driver. I think it has a good medium height trajectory I’m not sure if that’s more due to the shaft or head but it is lower then my previous driver but cutting down the spin helped lower that flight. Like I have mentioned before I have an over the top swing, this being the case I was still able to work this driver to a draw or fade.  I messed around with a few of the closed settings (don’t want my slice getting worse) and was able to notice minor tweaks in flight which was nice to see, I landed on the “High Left” setting which is 9.5* loft 1* closed and 57.5* lie. I have felt very accurate with this driver and I would bet my dispersion has decreased significantly. I compared these on a launch monitor and although dispersion were similar distance was a definite increase by 10 yards of carry distance. Which makes me ecstatic. 


As for accuracy, I was trying a lot of things when on the launch monitor so didn't get any good dispersion circles to compare. I did notice that the drive had a tendency to reduce the curve i normally see so a slice was more of a push and limited actual curve of the flight I feel like that helped


On-Course Performance (27 out of 30 points)
So I have had this driver for about 2 months and just returned from a 189 hole golf trip last week so should have plenty of use on this already. 
When I first got the driver there as a little acclimated to it and the only thing that caught me off guard is although the driver is average height it looked fairly shallow at address and found myself hitting it higher on the head then my previous driver. This took a little getting used to and actually skyed 2-3 balls in the first handful of rounds. Although this takes a little getting used to I actually enjoy the result since it cuts my spin down and is more consistent to me than a lower strike. 

Like I said in the basic characteristics I feel very confident with this driver it won’t fix a bad swing (nothing will) but I am certain that a good swing through the ball will deliver great distance and on or near fairway shots. I am more cautious off the tee and will often grab a wood or hybrid if I need to keep it safe but as I have gotten used to this club the times I do that has been decreasing. Using Game Golf to measure against my previous driver and seasons this has increased my fairways hit by 5% and increased distance by 11 yrds. I have been trying to work on swing speed and upward angle of attack but it still beat my previous Ping Driver and over the life of my previous driver its been a 22 yard increase.

On top of Game Golf we all know where our “usual” misses are out on each hole of our home course. I noticed that my shots approach shots were definitely altered, less distance to the green and closer to the fairways if not in the fairway. 

Miscellaneous (8 out of 10 points)
Although I really like the boxing glove headcover I think it sits a little odd on the club at least when I’m walking it just has an odd angle but I think that’s just the way they are designed. Ben Hogan Also provides a very good detailed matrix of each of the driver settings and tool to adjust it. One final note I would like to say is having a CT measurement on the driver is an awesome little detail that I never knew I wanted.


Play it or Trade it ( 20 out of 20 points)
Yes… let me rephrase YES. Ben got his position locked in that spot. It has outperformed my current driver in just about every aspect. More distance, more accurate, better sound, less spin, great price.  If you are in the market for a new driver don't let this one get away especially if your on a tighter budget.

This is an overall great driver I would recommend to at least try this driver with Ben Hogans demo sets. It is a great program to get clubs on course and truly test them, also they have partnered with Club Champion for fittings so that is a huge plus (wish I could have gotten to one during this trail). The GS53 Driver has performed for me, with 5% more fairways hit and 11 yards compared to my previous driver. 

Final Score (92 out of 100 points)


Ping Over last 2 yearsG30_gg.PNG


Ben Hogan GS53 StatsGS53_gg.PNG


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Driver:  Ben Hogan GS53
3W:  Callaway Big Bertha Steelhead 2
2i: Maltby KE4 FDI 
4-PW:  Maltby TS-1 - C-Taper 120g 
50º: Maltby TSW

56º:  Cleveland RTX-2 
60º: Maltby Tour Grind MG
Putter:  Odyssey White Hot RX 2-ball

Ball: Snell MTB X
Other: Game Golf Live
Handicap: 5.9  -  Best Score: 73 (1 over) Bryan Park - Players Course, Greensboro NC -2020

2020 MGS Forum Tester - Ben Hogan GS53 Driver

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The Review-May into June

Hogan GS53 – Official MGS Forum Review by JScott

Hello fellow Spies. My name is Josh. Please see below to get a feel for my game.
  • What kind of golfer are you? I play as often as possible and no less than 2x a week. I practice about once or twice a week. I play in a Saturday league as well as a 9 hole Wednesday night league. My game is consistent but not spectacular. I make a lot of pars, sprinkle in some bogeys but don’t make a lot of birdies.
  • Handicap? (Or average score)-Current handicap is 2.8
  • Swing tempo? Driver swing speed? I like to think my swing tempo is SMOOTH. My average club head speed is around 107 with the driver
  • Typical ball flight? Typical miss? I tend to hit a lower trajectory ball and my typical miss is a quick snap hook
  • Strengths/Weaknesses of your game? My strength (by far) is hitting fairways and off the tee. My weakness (by far) it putting. Some days, i would gladly take 36 putts and break 80 without a worry.
  • Current gamer and how did you choose it?  Were you fit? My current driver is the TITLEIST TS3 and yes, I was fit for it. I chose this drive due to BRAND loyalty. I have played some sort of TITLEIST product for over 25 years. I also attended a TITLEIST demo day at my club and fell in love with the driver.
  • What is your #1 priority with driver in hand? My #1 priority with my driver to get in play and give myself a chance at hitting the green.
  • Do you like taking chances with aggressive lines? This is a loaded question. The answer is yes, depending on the hole set up.
  • How often can you reach par 5’s in 2? On my home courses (36 holes) there are 6 par 5s. I can reach 3 of them regularly, 1 of the them on occasion and 2 of them never.
  • What’s your typical club into par 4s? I usually have 7 iron or less into most par 4s.
First Impressions
I went to the HOGAN site to learn as much as I could before the drive arrived. There is a cool little video talking about the “no nonsense BEN HOGAN” (LINK: https://benhogangolf.com/products/gs53-driver). There is talk of no club adding 30, 40, 50 yards. There is talk about a forged face that look and feels as good as it looks. All this sound familiar? Yeah, me too. And once you fall for the talk hook, line, and sinker, you hit the ball the exact same way you did before and are about $500 lighter in the wallet. So, with that as the background, the drive shows up at my door.



Looks (8 out of 10 points) 
Describe the following:
  • I love the general shape of the drive at address. The only concern I had was it took some time to play with the settings so that it did not look shut at address.
  • The graphics on this driver are simple but elegant. Love the HOGAN logo on the crown
  • The overall look of this driver ties together nicely. The dark head makes it easy to frame a ball against. I also like the uniformity of the crown to the sole of the club.
  • The driver has the same color as my current gamer but seems to have more of the classic look to it and appears slightly smaller at address. This is not a bad thing at all as I was added confidence at address for me.
  • One thing that really stood out to me was how tweaking the hosel settings changed the overall look of the drive at address. BE SURE TO UNDERSTAND the settings.
Sound & Feel (10 out of 10 points)
Describe how the driver sounds and feels
  • From the first drive, I loved the sound of this driver. The sound is not as metallic as my current gamer, nor is it super muted (like you are hitting a driver with a pillow on the face)
  • The feel of the ball coming off the face is buttery. It does not feel harsh at all, nor is it too soft.
  • The driver does not feel the same off the toe and heel and nor should it, in my opinion. The sound and fell DID stay the same when the strike was toward the TOP of the face. I did lose feel and sound on the lower strikes. The also GREATLY affected the trajectory. More on that soon….
  • On personal level, the closest feel and sound I can give is that this driver sounds more muted that my TITLEIST and “louder” than the Taylor Made M3 I gamed a few years ago. I would say this drive feels and sounds better than either of those drivers.
  • The sound and feel helped with IMMEDIATE response. I knew immediately if the shot was going to be high, long, and straight or if it was a miss.
Basic Characteristics (17 out of 20 points)
Before hitting the course, get some range time in so you’ve got a feel for what’s to come.  This section should be used to identify the basic characteristics that most players will notice.   If you are able to get time on a launch monitor, this would be the section to include numbers from it.
Describe the following compared to your current gamer:
  • Trajectory – One thing I love about this driver is the trajectory. I am a low ball hitter (current gamer launch on SC300 is 12 degrees) The Hogan driver added about 3 degrees of launch. I also noticed by swing speed picked up a few MPH but that has more do with the shaft I believe.
  • Workability – Here is the deal with the Hogan. I have to REALLY try to hit a cut with this driver. I can make it go left but cutting the ball is extremely difficult for me with this club. I felt from day 1 the driver sits closed. A week of tweaking the settings got it square (to me).
  • Accuracy – This driver is one of the most accurate CLUBS I have ever hit, let alone drivers. I have been hitting 2-3 more fairways per round. This leads to 2-3 less bogey holes.
  • Distance – Raw distance is right there with the other drivers I have played as well as my current gamer. This driver does not see huge distance drops for slightly off center hits.
  • Forgiveness – The driver is very forgiving. I have notice that strikes slight ABOVE the center of the face seem to go further, fly higher, and go just as straight. Interestingly, toe strikes HOOKED a lot of me while strikes toward the heel still seems to find the fairway.
  • Adjustability – To me, this is where the driver lost some points. The symbols are not self explanatory (at least to me). Don’t get me wrong, TITLEIST SUREFIT also requires a chart and a degree in math to get the desired setting but the HOGAN driver took me awhile to get set correctly and it was more by sight than by technology. Taylor Made is pretty simple, Higher/Lower
  • Pressure – This is a confidence inspiring driver. Once you get it set up/fit to you, the club sits behind the ball beautifully. After a few range sessions, I knew where the ball was going and knew slightly off center hits were not going to punish me too badly.
  • What factors were you pleased with? I am please with the overall look of the driver, the feel and sound, and the results! I am also pleased that great performance can come at a great price
  • What factors did you find lacking? Really the only down sides were it took forever to get the club to look square (no fitting available anywhere) and the confusion of the settings.





On-Course / LM Performance (28 out of 30 points)
As you play with the driver on-course, make an effort to keep stats on your driving performance.  Track fairways and distance.  If you aren’t fortunate enough to have Arccos, ShotScope, or something similar, there are free/cheap apps available that can help you track these.  Also, make an effort to use the driver as often as possible.  Challenge yourself to hit aggressive shots off the tee so you can get the full feel of what this club is capable of.  If you can get involved with 4-man scrambles, they can be a great place to test out a driver since the risk of a poor shot is mitigated.  Finally, take note of the clubs your driver is leaving you with for your second shot into the green.  If you’re usually left with a 6-iron on certain holes, are you now able to use a 7 or lower to attack the pin or are you forced to club up in a defensive play?  Can you attack more par 5s? 
Final Performance Comments:
  • Overall, how did it perform? This driver performs as well if not better than any driver I have ever played. Specifically, my trajectory increased and my ball speed stayed the same. This help with overall carry distance. I also am hitting about 2 more fairways per round.
  • How, if at all, did this product change your overall impression of Hogan? To be fair, I didn’t even realize Hogan still made clubs. You don’t see them in PRO SHOPS, Golf Stores, etc. I had no idea a driver that was ordered online (with no formal fitting) could perform so well.
  • What feature would you change or eliminate from the next generation of this model? I would simplify the adjustability of the driver. It is probably me, but I found it hard to get the setting I needed to gain optimal performance.
  • What feature do you really like, and would most like to see continued or evolved in future models? I like the simplicity of the graphics and the overall look of the club. Nice contrast between club and ball. Easy to ensure the club is aligned to the ball correctly and that builds confidence at address.
  • Did it help improve your scores? By how much? Since I have been tracking the use of this driver, I have noticed several things. 1. more fairways. 2. better putting statistics. (is that due to proximity to the pin due to not hitting out of the rough 2 more times than usual?). And yes, my handicap has gone from 3.6 down to 2.8. I also have 2 sub par 9s since using this driver.
Miscellaneous (9 out of 10 points)
I didn’t give a 10 out of 10 here due to a few minor things. I have seen other “TESTERS”get a nice hand written note, a hat, etc. that ties in nicely with the experience. Hogan did not offer any of that. Also, and this is 100% personal, I cannot stand the boxing glove head cover. They offer no shaft protection and I find them annoying sliding up the head. (I carry my bag a lot and find I have to always check the head cover is staying on).




Play it or Trade it? (19 out of 20 points)
100% PLAY IT. I’ll be honest. I had a HOGAN hybrid long ago and can remember the HOGAN golf ball from about 20 years ago. I remember HOGAN irons. I remember the HOGAN brand being on the walls of golf shops. Nowadays, there is no HOGAN brand in shops and I had serious reservations on the quality of this club. This is a large part of the reason I put my name in the hat to test this club. I will state this as simply as i can, this drive holds it own with any driver I have ever played. The only reason I did not give 20 out of 20 is that I still have to get the stigma of this not being a “MAJOR BRAND”club out of my head. It seems silly but I still do think “I wonder what my playing buddies are going to say”as I pull the club (awful head cover and all) out of my bag. That stigma is quickly going away as I hit my drives longer and straighter than they do with clubs that are several hundred dollars more.
From the weekend warrior to the everyday player, to the 20+ handicap to the scratch golfer, we are all searching for that “magical”club that will make us better. Let me be 100% clear, this club is NOT magical. This club however does check the box on all things I find important in my never ending quest to play better golf. LOOKS-check FEEL-check SOUND-check PERFORMANCE-check ACCURACY-check. What I found was the more I got comfortable with the club (i.e. got the settings correct), the more I liked the look, sound, feel, etc. This club did not produce 320 yard drives. This club did not make me a scratch golfer (it did lower my index from 3.6 to 2.8 though). This club DID help me find CONFIDENCE standing on the tee. For some reason, I knew I was aligned correctly and if I put a halfway decent swing on the ball I would find the fairway. At the end of the day, golf is a MENTAL game and this club helps with that part due to the confidence it gave me. To me, this is a major win for HOGAN. If they could get the word out about this driver, I believe more players would give it a shot. Not only am I impressed with this driver, but I am going to try the 3 wood next. Bottom line: In my opinion, you cannot do better than a confidence inspiring, fairway finding driver for roughly $300 than this driver. Tee it high and let it fly!


Final Score: (91 out of 100 points)

I haven’t been in school for some 20 years but I believe that is an A.


Edited by JScott
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Congratulations!!!! Looking forward to the results!

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Congrats fellas! I’m looking forward to reading about your Hogan experience.

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Rochester, NY

5.6 Index

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Congratulations, hit it straight. 

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100 swings challenge

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Right Handed, Southeast Michigan

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I'm always driving around Michigan. 

The Ohio and Pennsylvania's turnpike as well as around Baltimore, Maryland. 

Grip it and rip it my friends. 


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Congrats guys, can't wait to see your findings.

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Congrats boys! Really interesting test to see how the DTC model competes against the large OEM in the clubs category

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Congrats testers- I watched some YouTube reviews on this club and it did really well. Looking forward to your impressions. Gitter done!

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Good luck testers! This should be a good one and great opportunity!

Check out my reviews

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So excited to share results w you all!  

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This is awesome! Can't wait to test this out and let the other golfers know all about it! Thanks for the opportunity!

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60 Deg: :cleveland-small: 588 RTX 2.0

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Rangefinder: :CaddyTek: Caddytek V2


Check out my MyGolfSpy 2020 Forum Official Tester: Ben Hogan GS53 Driver



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Great group of testers.  Have fun guys - looking forward to seeing how this performs.

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Congratulations, let's put them through their paces.

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 :titelist-small:                          980F 3 Wood

:cobra-small:             King F6 Hybrid Matrix Red Tie HQ4 Graphite Shaft

Upswing                   60* wedge

:odyssey-small:           O-Putter 1W


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Thanks all this will be a fun experience. I'm really looking forward to hitting this. 

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Driver:  Ben Hogan GS53
3W:  Callaway Big Bertha Steelhead 2
2i: Maltby KE4 FDI 
4-PW:  Maltby TS-1 - C-Taper 120g 
50º: Maltby TSW

56º:  Cleveland RTX-2 
60º: Maltby Tour Grind MG
Putter:  Odyssey White Hot RX 2-ball

Ball: Snell MTB X
Other: Game Golf Live
Handicap: 5.9  -  Best Score: 73 (1 over) Bryan Park - Players Course, Greensboro NC -2020

2020 MGS Forum Tester - Ben Hogan GS53 Driver

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Congratulations guys!  Looking forward to your review of this driver!



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What's In This Lefty's Bag?

Driver: :cobra-small: F8 9.5° Project X Even Flow Blue 65g shaft 

Fairway Woods: :cobra-small: F8 3W Project X Even Flow Blue 75g shaft

Fairway Woods: :cobra-small: F8 5W Project X Even Flow Blue 75g shaft

Hybrid: :titelist-small: 816H2 19°

Irons: :mizuno-small: MP-20 SEL Project X 5.5 shafts 5-PW

           :mizuno-small: MP-20 HMB Project X 5.5 shaft 4 Iron

Wedge: :cleveland-small: Tour Satin RTX 4 Wedges in 52° and 56° 2 Dot

Putter: :nevercompromise-small: Gray Matter TDP 2.2 32.75"

Bag: :1590477705_SunMountain: Three 5

Ball:  :srixon-small: Z*Star

RangeFinder:918457628_PrecisionPro: NX7 Pro

Social Media:

Facebook:   md golfhacker
Twitter:        @mdgolfhacker
Instagram:   mdgolfhacker

 Currently Testing: :skycaddie: LX5 Watch

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