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Walking vs. Golf carts

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I walked 18 yesterday (6000 yard course) just shy of two hours because no one was in front of me. With a cart due to winter rules it would've been the same probably. Had it not been cart path only i would've been done even quicker.

That being said, I prefer walking.


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For the first 55 years I always walked unless I was playing at a resort or in the 4 winter months at our Club in the Desert, where riding is required. Four years ago I had my first knee replacement (the preceeding year of limping around the course with a bone-on-bone knee was not fun) and following rehab I started walking again. Wore out the other knee and then 2 years ago replaced it, as well. 

I'll be 72 in 2 months, played 122 times last year and have a 7.4 Index as of the moment.

If you know anyone who has had knee replacement surgery, they have probably told you that the week following surgery is godawful miserable. The 2nd week is just miserable and the 3rd-4th weeks are slightly better, horrible. BUT, following 4-5 months of faithful rehab, you are pretty much almost good as new.

HOWEVER, just before going into the O.R. prior to the 2nd replacement my doctor asked me if I had any final questions. I said Yes. "Do these wear out?"


He said YES. Depending upon use, they should last 10 - 20 years before needing to come out and have new hardware reinstalled!!!

That's it! I now ONLY ride, even though I can easily walk the 18 holes every day. I plan to outlive my artificial knees.


For what it's worth, sometimes after a heavy rainstorm and we are restricted to cartpaths, according to my Apple Watch I walk about 7,500 steps over the 18 holds of going back & forth to the cart. On such days, I leave my cart at the clubhouse and walk the full 18for about 10,000 steps. A round fully using the golf cart clocks about 3,500 steps.

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At my club we can walk or ride. I prefer to walk & use a push cart..my back can’t take carrying a bag at my age! I do occasionally take a cart especially when it’s very hot or we play a few days in a row. 
it is good exercise and I do think I’m more focused on my game when I can walk.

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On 4/17/2020 at 9:37 PM, CO2planker said:

I wanted to hear everyone's thoughts on walking vs. riding in a golf cart.  

This topic should be relevant now more than ever before during this time of 'social distancing'.  Most courses that are open during this pandemic are walking only.

I personally feel that walking the course is the way the game is meant to be played.  First and foremost, going back to golf's roots, the game was always walked.  Walking the course allows you to be more connected to the course, more involved in the match, more engaged with playing partners, and more aware about what is happening on the course. 

I feel that golf carts take away from the true golf experience.  Also, I truly believe that golf carts are one of the biggest culprits for slow play.  It is very rare for both golfers in the same cart to be hitting shots in the same general vicinity.  You have to cover more ground with a cart.  There seems to be a lot of unnecessary time wasted driving around between shots.  Carts seem to be more appropriate for the scramble tournament beer drinking couple rounds a year golfer.  To be fair, there is nothing wrong with these golfers, and I absolutely enjoy the occasional scramble and beer drinking outing like the rest of us.

I feel that more and more golf courses seem to promote and even require golf carts and do not even give the option to walk.  Courses seem to be designed for carts with long distances between holes due to the course being part of a residential development.  Resort style courses and modern country clubs all fit into the golf carts only profile.

Hopefully more golf courses will follow in the footsteps of Bandon Dunes.  This golf mecca has done it right.  Top notch, old school links golf the way the game was meant to be played.

This time of 'walking required golf' may be an eye opener for the game!


Personally hate carts not only for the speed of play but even with a best friend next to me it’s annoying waiting for them to play and driving all over the course 😩

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It really doesnt matter to me one way or the other.  I do enjoy walking more but carts are fine.  I personally dont think that carts make it any faster because people are efficient with a cart.  It seems like most, instead of dropping 1 player at their ball and then the driver going over to their ball and meeting up after both have hit their shots people just stop at 1 ball, person hits it, then they drive over to the other ball.  Thats really no more efficient than people who walk and everyone walks to their own ball.

When its 90 degrees in the middle of the summer though, I prefer a cart.  With all this COVID nonsense though, I dont see myself taking a cart anytime soon.

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Where I've played in Denmark, riding golf carts seem rare. People of all ages are either pushing a cart or carrying their clubs. Whenever I get together with my brother in California we usually ride. At first, it had to do with 100°+ temperatures in the Central Valley, and shade was just a necessity. After that, it became a habit, I suppose.

Now since the lockdown, I'm becoming more aware of that choice. We've talked about walking the course instead, but my bro wants to get better at moving the ball forward (rather than left or right).


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