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Maltby Moment XII Tour

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Wanted to give a shout out to Maltby Golf. Just purchased the Moment XII Tour Putter, and I have to say its pretty awesome. Equipment never solves everything but this putter has helped me tremendously with my alignment. Its a unique alignment cue set up that works for me and I think it would for others as well. Got 36 holes on it and I definitely have seen a really nice improvement and overall confidence in my alignment. Oh ya and its only 100 bucks and comes with a superstore grip. Tough to beat that. 

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Sounds interesting. Got any great photos of this unique alignment aid? 

In my ATumSBM.jpg Pisa riding on a hXf3ptG.jpg 3.5+
.......tracked by :Arccos:

:ping-small: G410 Plus: Tensei Orange
:cobra-small: King F7 3/4 FW: Tensei Blue

:cobra-small: King F7 3/4 Hy: Fujikura Pro
:ping-small: i500 5-GW: Modus3 105
wxW5hk4.jpg Equalizer 56/60: KBS Tour 90
:MLA: Tour Classic Black w/ :P2-grips-logo:

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I put the Tour XI in my bag after a bad stretch over a year ago. I normally play a tour style blade and swallowed my pride on this one.
Yes it has a lot of help lining up the ball but it has great feel. Rolls the ball well. Cured my bad stretch. Its been a big help. Plus I happen to love the color and finish. Over a year in play and not a single flaw in the finish. Screenshot_20200526-010731_Samsung%20Internet.jpg

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