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Biggest front to back score difference

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So I played today and shot a 48 on the front and half had the shanks, then I turned around and shot 37 on the back.  The course was a par 71.  I was just curious what your guys and gals biggest difference was from one nine to the next.  This has probably been my biggest at 11 shots.

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In a prep for a Nationwide Tour monday qualifier.. I went -5 on the front and +8 on the back. At the turn I was told that this was not the course I was to play on Monday. I got bumped to a course an hour away.

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24 minutes ago, Kanoito said:

Haha! You rookie... I've shot +2 on the front and +21 on the back... beat that! 😄

My best (worst?) was even on front and +11 on the back with a quad on probably the easiest hole

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6 minutes ago, Popeye64 said:

In a prep for a Nationwide Tour monday qualifier.. I went -5 on the front and +8 on the back. At the turn I was told that this was not the course I was to play on Monday. I got bumped to a course an hour away.

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Ouch, that hurts more than my +21!

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+3 on the front with two birdies, and +12 on the back with one birdie. 

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It was the last tournament round I ever played and it was either 2007 or 2008.  I was playing well in a three-day event with rounds of 74-77.  I wasn't amoung the leaders but was very pleased with where I was given the tournament is "open" to both amateurs and professionals.  This particular tournament is a pretty big deal in this region and attracts an extremely strong field.

I began my Sunday round with a front side 36 (+1) only to finish the day with a gawd-awful 86.  That's right, I shot a back side 50 (+15)!!!!!  I figured if I could no longer hold my focus the way I wanted to, I was better off being strictly a recreational golfer.

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Barton Creek, Fabio Canyons, 49 front, 36 back.

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I am used to higher scores, last year making up a missed day for our league, we usually play 9 on league nights. Playing on Glen Oaks golf course, Farmington Hills, MI

I shot 58 on the back nine for the make up round, and then shot 38 on the front 9 with a near ace on the 6th hole. 


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I usually just shoot a high number on both 9's 😂

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I was playing in a tournament on a 9 hole course, front 9 second from back tees, back 9 from tips. Shot a 52 on the front then a 38 on the back. Why we make this game so hard I’ll never understand.

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-4 front nine

+10 back nine

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Phew reading some of these posts I feel a tiny bit better. The highest differential I've had between the front and back  is probably 10 strokes. Generally the difference is not spread across all of the holes but a handful. For instance the last 3 holes on Sunday (FYI I was doing well before them); a double on a Par 5, I generously took an 8 on a par 4 after 2 drives into the water and then  #$%@* the putts. And the last hole a Par 3, I proceeded to launch 2 drives into the tall rough  - picked up and gave myself a 6. Not a Funday Sunday. 😣

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My last full 18, which was March 27th, I shot 44 on the front, and 37 on the back.  I've had worse differentials, but lately I turn a crappy front nine into a major challenge to myself.  Rather than just giving up, I stand on the 10th tee, and simply say to myself, "Just make a par on this hole Phillip, and stop f'ing around."  Then, if I make par on that hole I go to the 11th tee and say the same thing over again.

You'd be surprised though how one bad bogey or double bogey on an early hole can totally destroy your mental game.  I've seen many guys double bogey the 2nd hole at our course (it's a double bogey factory, FYI), and they'll be walking off the green going, "well, I'm done for the day." 

I mean, come on, you've got 16 holes left to set some records with.  Why let a single hole totally end your round mentally?

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Many moons ago, during a weekend outing, 51 on the front, 36 on the back.   The 1st hole on back nine didn't start out great, had 20 yd pitch on a par 5 off a tight lie, skulled it, ball hit directly on middle of flagstick and fell straight in the hole, birdie.   LIke Club Pro guy.


Forgot the link, this is quite humorous,


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Out with a 50 in with a 32. It was a roller coaster ride that day.

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TPC Las Vegas. Right before the Corona panic.

i was first tee time in the morning paired with a member.

shoot 37 on the front. Unbelievable for me.

the member said: wow man you are hitting every golf shot......

shot 49 on the back lol

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