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What WAS in the bag

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Hey guys. 

New to the forum and wanted to share my dream set that I put together in October 2019 was stolen from my car 2 weeks before the CA stay in place. Barely got to break them in. Not like I could use them now but they were mine.

Driver: Taylormade M4 stock/shaft

3 Wood: Exotics XCG5 15° stock shaft/grip

Driving Irons: Titleist 2 & 3 iron stock shaft grips

Irons: Miura CB 501's 4-PW with Aerotech i80 shafts bent 2° down with Pride Grips

Wedge: Miura Black Wedges, Aerotech i90's bent 2° down Pride Grips

Putter: Scotty Cameron Del Mar


What should I get as replacements?

Looking at the Tour Exotics EXS 220 Driver. Hit it a few times and smoked the piss out of them. Maybe Honma irons? I don't want my heart broken again with Miuras.

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I've known a few guys that have had their clubs stolen. Each time from a car. All I can say is.... I hope whoever stole them enjoys the $50 he/she/they got from hocking them.

I don't play the EXS 220 but I do play last years EXS 10.5 and it's been a wonderful driver all around. Very reliable and accurate. And.. it's as long as i'm able to produce from any driver. I didn't like the stock shaft mine came with so I swapped it for the Fujikura Speeder 57-S I played in my SLDR and it was magic. Of course I had to install the EXS adaptor on the Fuji shaft. I have never had any luck with indoor driver fittings so I fit myself outdoors. Like any club it will probably boil down to finding the right shaft. Right now you can find the EXS for $199 from Tour Edge and perhaps even less at retail stores. These drivers are top quality in all regards so don't let the price fool you. In my mind all others are just overpriced. I don't think you'll go wrong with either model you choose.


My Sun Mountain bag currently includes:   TWGTLogo2.png.06c802075f4d211691d88895b3f34b75.png 771CSI 5i - PW and TWGTLogo2.png.06c802075f4d211691d88895b3f34b75.png PFC Micro Tour-c 52°, 56°, 60 wedges

                                                                               :755178188_TourEdge: EXS 10.5*, TWGTLogo2.png.06c802075f4d211691d88895b3f34b75.png 929-HS FW4 16.5* 

                                                                                :edel-golf-1: Willimette w/GolfPride Contour


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Sorry to hear about your clubs getting stolen. I am certain you will find an even better set!

Good luck.

Driver: :taylormade-small: Stealth Plus - 10.5*, Oban Kiyoshi Purple O4Flex-65 Grams Purred
3 Wood: :taylormade-small: SIM - 15*, Graphite Design Tour AD DJ5 Stiff
Hybrid: :titelist-small: TS3 - 19*, Hzrdus Smoke 6.0 Stiff
Irons: :titelist-small:  7 - PW T100S, 4 -6 T200 all with Nippon NS Pro 880 AMC Chrome Stiff
Wedges:  :titelist-small: Vokey SM 8 - 50*, 56*, 60*  Standard Wedge Shafts                                                                                                                                   

Putter:  :scotty-cameron-1: Phantom X 5.5           
Putter:  :scotty-cameron-1: Studio Select Newport 1.5
Ball: :titelist-small: Pro V1 & Maxfli Tour


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Yeah. I hit the EXS 220 on a business trip with the 4T Ventus stiff and smashed it. It was really low spinning shaft, sub 2000 rpm for me. I just got the insurance checks back and it barely scratches the surface of my set so I gotta go domestic. Shoestring iron set. 

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