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First clubs, bag & cart ⛳

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What was your first: ⛳


1. Club(s)

2. Bag

3. Cart

Jazz woods (Driver & Hybrids), TNT Silver Eagle Irons, PW & SW, Slotline Inertia putter. TopFlite Gammer.

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Posted (edited)

1. May parents ❤️ bought me clubs individually from Eaton's dept. store (largest and oldest dept. and mail order catalogue store in Canada).

Started out with a Jack Nicolas aluminum shafted 9 iron (best club I ever played, so light lots of tamper bumps started 3-4 inches then to .5 inches apart with a leather grip).

Then a Spalding 2 way putter with leather grip and a 7 iron Campbel with leather grip.

Then got a 3 iron Campbel (same as the 7),  then a Spaulding 3 wood (real wood, black head, natural face, rubber grip), then a Campbel 5 iron with a rubber grip and finally a Campbel Driver (real wood, red head, natural finish face with a red plastic insert in the sweet spot, rubber grip).

Used that as my 7 club set for 15 years.

2 & 3. My first bag and cart were made by my Mom and Dad. Still have the cart somewhere. Painted a 3' x 1' rectangular box sky blue white (used as the bag), and made a wooden cart painted it red with white wheels and a red plastic D handle from a shovel. It worked great as it had large wheels from an outdoor toy wagon.

We have 16 1/4 acres so my Dad and Mom and I made a 9 hole golf course on our land when I was 8. Have a natural creek splitting it in half, planted trees, cut the whole property with a Ford 9N tractor (later a Universal D350) and a 5 foot mower and the greens with an Eaton's Viking 8 hp lawn tractor, later a John Deere RX 72  8 hp 28".  Mom and I made a sign called it "Badger Hole Golf Course" because we have Badgers on our property. Had 8 foot tall flag poles painted white and my Mom sewed all the flags red, even had a practice green in our yard with one 8 foot flag pole.

Those were great times, remember them well, cherish them wit my parents. My parents would play occasionally with me my cousin and uncle also played on the course. ❤️


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Jazz woods (Driver & Hybrids), TNT Silver Eagle Irons, PW & SW, Slotline Inertia putter. TopFlite Gammer.

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My Dad bought me a junior set with D, 3W, 3i, 5i, 7i, 9i and a putter - no idea what brand, probably came with a bag, not sure.

  • Callaway Rogue 10.5° 9.5°D & 3W
  • Mizuno JPX900 Forged 4-GW, S18 56.10, S18 60.06
  • Evnroll ER5B (replaced ER2)
  • and 14th club - Mizuno CLK 3H 19° OR MP-20 HMB 3i 19°
  • Snell MTB-X (replaced Black)
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Did you start with 7 or 14 clubs?


Did you buy a whole set or build it gradually?

Jazz woods (Driver & Hybrids), TNT Silver Eagle Irons, PW & SW, Slotline Inertia putter. TopFlite Gammer.

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Ram box set with stand bag. The whole set probably cost $150 at the time. I broke the heads off the 7i and 4i on the driving range within 6 months. I got my 2-wheel pull cart at a yard sale for $10. It has lasted for 11 years so I think I got my money’s worth on that one. Recently the plastic parts have started to give out so I am looking to upgrade this year.

Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy

:ping-small:  G Driver: (10.5 / s-flex)
:bridgestone-small: J38, 3W (15 / s-flex)
:titelist-small:  980F, 5W (19) s-flex
pxg-small.jpg 0311, 4-PW, (+1/2" / +2 up) ProjX LZ 6.0
pxg-small.jpg 0311 wedges, 52, 56, 60 degree
TommyArmour.jpg.d3c9da7d74a401e95b625f92af834200.jpg Impact No.3, Putter 35"

Dexterity: Right-handed

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  • 1st Clubs: (Irons) used Titleist Accu-Flo irons 3-PW, (Woods) MacGregor 693 Oil Hardened 1, 3, 4 (putter) Spalding T. P. Mills # 4
  • 1st Bag: Jones single strap carry
  • never had a cart
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King Cobra ll full set,  2 iron thru Sand Wedge Driver , 3 w and 5w. Purchased new in 1994 I believe!

Datrex golf bag.

Some cheap pull cart.

Still have everything in the back of the garage.  (As well as several other sets from my golfing history)


:ping-small: Driver, G400 11* SR Flex

:taylormade-small: 3 Wood, SLDR 17*  R Flex

:taylormade-small: 5 Wood, SLDR 19* R Flex

:cobra-small: 7 Wood, F6 22.5* R Flex

:Sub70: Irons, 699 Pro's S Flex (5 - AW)

:cleveland-small: Wedges, CBX 56* & 60*

:odyssey-small: Putter, Marksman Fang 35"

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Very first club was a Pinemeadow Z-ON M1 Putter and first set was an almost set of Rhino: driver, 3 wood, 6-9 irons and sand wedge and a 5 Arnold Palmer hybrid.

First bag a John Daly carry bag.

First cart was a Bag Boy Deluxe pull cart.

Verified Hack, 28 handicap (down 2 this summer) 🙂  Golfing for exercise and peace of mind.

|> Big Dogs: Langert Foiler Driver 8.75*, TaylorMade M3 3w, O'Donnell hybrids 10*, 15*, 19*, 27*, Ginty 29* trouble club

|> Blades: MasterGrip 3i & 5i, Dynacraft Copperhead 7i, Wilson 8i, Worx 55* hybrid wedge, Lovett 59* hybrid wedge

|> Flatstick: Pinemeadow Z-ON M1   |> Ball: foster orphans (OnCore for PuttUp Review)   |> App: SwingU/Looper 

CoverLogoS-H c sm.png "The World's Greatest Golf Club Without The Course"  www.stickandhack.com

⛳.  :1590477705_SunMountain: C130 Supercharged 🌲  :Clicgear:3.5+  🌳  :taylormade-small:    🏌️‍♂️              EPLogo sm.jpg


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I think I started with a set of Sam Snead Blue Ridge clubs, maybe an partial bargain set of some kind.  At some point I bought a fancy new putter from Austad's, a brass heel-and-toe weighted thing.  In high school I moved up to  Golden Ram irons, pure muscle-back blades.  In college, while employed at a local golf course, I bought a set of Titleist woods, Driver, 3, 4, and 5-wood.  That's most of my early-years equipment purchases.  

:titelist-small: Irons Titleist AP2 714, KBS Tour S, 3 flat

:callaway-small: Rogue SubZero, GD YS-Six X

:vokey-small: 52, 56, and 60 wedges

:ping-small: B60 G5i putter

Right handed

Reston, Virginia

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Too long ago to remember what was my first set of clubs, however when I moved to Aussie I stopped playing for 10 years and the first set I bought here were Slazenger Fireball. In fact I still have them including the laminated woods. Bought them from Simmo at Victoria GC. For the price they were impressive.

Bag was Wilson.

Cart was just a cheap folding type.


3 x MENS RH Golf Sets, mainly irons, details described by photo no ...

Callaway Epic Flash 9 Degree

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion 3 wood 15 Degree

Callaway Epic Hybrid 18 Degree

Callaway Steelhead Pro 4-AW Irons

Cleveland 54 Degree Wedge Steel Shaft

Recoil Graphite Shafts in all Callaway Clubs

Callaway Big Bertha Putter - for when it is wet

La Jolla Putter with Flat Car Grip.

Preferred ball - Currently Costco Kirkland Performance 3 Piece but Seed 001 is preferred.

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