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Have you ever been hit by a ball or hit somene with a ball⛳

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I have on the left side of my forehead .. my buddy who is good shank his shot was about 5 yards up and maybe 15 - 20 yards to the right near the first cut of the rough and I was like oh the pin is to the left so I should be good... boom shank coming right for my face I pull out the Neo Matrix move like dodging bullets from Agent Smith and just like the movie Neo gets hit in the leg well I got smacked in the forehead .. I was so pissed I wanted to fight him, it hurt so bad .. the worst part was we were sharing the cart, I was like don't even say a word or look at me. By the next hole I was fine and we laugh about it to this day. 


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It's lucky my wife and I are still alive!!! Six years ago I was hit in the arm driving a cart from the #3 green to #4 tee.  The guy that hit me was in a wash and couldn't see us.  He was a co-wor

I am ashamed to say this, but I was hit by a golf ball once and it was my ball. I was on a side hill lie with the ball above me, a tree was right in my line of flight. I tried to play a hook around th

Yes!!!! And it was 100% my fault. I was walking and day dreaming when a guy in my group yelled four. I turned around just in time to be hit in the shin with a screaming ball off a three wood. I

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My dad has what he calls 'quick eyes'  If he sees anything in his peripheral vision that moves, he immediately hits the ball that way.  He's hit both my brother and my mom with shots growing up, as well as a couple cars.  I was never hit, but I always made sure to stay behind him, or very still behind another object.  My mom was ducking behind her bag when she was hit in the leg, and left a welt the size of a golf ball 

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I've never been hit but watched in horror and amazement as my brother teed off on a blind, uphill par 5 about 20 years ago.  A split second after impact, a cart came the wrong direction over the hill and directly into the flight of my brothers ball.  We yelled "fore" several times but the old guy drove right into it.  It glanced off the railing of the canopy and drilled him right in the left cheek.  The old guy had to have been 75 years old too.  He never lost consciousness but his face looked like he had taken a right cross from Mike Tyson.  He was playing by himself and was a few holes ahead of us.  Evidently, he got turned around trying to find the 17th tee and ended up in the 14th fairway.......driving directly into the 14th tee box.

He’s one lucky guy, it could have been worse.

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I got hit in the back by a ball by my grandpa when i was like 10 years old, it hurt.

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The best I got:  Several years, I was playing with my brother and his father-in law.  Carmelo told me to go ahead and hit my drive. I was new at golf and didn't hit the ball far or straight usually.  This time I did and one hopped a long solid drive into the behind of one of the gentlemen in the group ahead. Who promptly turned are and hit the ball right back at me.  It was Carmelo's buddy so there were a few laughs.  It scared the crap out of me.

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