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Shorter Shafts??

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I would also be curious to know what your ball flight looks like. I'm 5'5", I play shorter clubs with flatter lie angles. A standard iron, off the rack, is a hook machine for me, even when hit well. Because they are too upright for me, I couldn't dream of hitting a fade. Hitting a straight ball was tough enough, even with a wedge. But when I went to a flat lie angle, the world changed. Again, it's something requiring an experiment and a builder / fitter with bending equipment. I would look at flatter lie angles with at least as much curiosity as length. In my opinion, at least with your irons since impact with the ground is part of the outcome, lie angles are more important than shaft length.

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Complicated question to me although it seems an easy one. My experience over the years has been one of I prefer standard to a little over standard lengths but require flatter lie angles. I use to go off pure wrist to floor measurement/static fitting (told me I needed shorter clubs) but found that my center strikes occurred with a little longer length clubs. Figured out that I stand further from the ball at address position (think single plane / Moe Norman like) and tilt accordingly. That posture for me requires a little longer club lengths (at least for my swing)  and corresponding lie angle tweaks. I am under 5'9. Additionally I counter weight (add weight under grip) my clubs  to ensure I achieve what I like to feel for each club. I have gone through a lot of impact tape to identify where the strikes on the club face occurs and tweak accordingly. And fitting options (places like a Club Champion, etc) are much better today for testing at different lengths. 

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