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Double Bend Install

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If you're looking for the proper way to align the shaft..... there is a lot of tutorial on You Tube or online golf store for component.

As the final adjustment, each golfer will make slight adjustment for his own use. Not every putter has perfectly aligned shaft.  If you lay several double bend putter shaft side by side, I'd bet none of them will match exactly.  But for the majority of the golfers, small tolerance in spec. will not be noticed.

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I was having a super OCD moment when I reinstalled a double bend putter shaft. I had this whole setup with a level against a straight wall with a chair so that the shaft wouldn't move while the epoxy was drying. I swear I spent hours looking down the putter grip to the putter head to make sure it was lined up correctly. And then I kept making micro adjustments during the first few hours while the epoxy was drying. Normally you shouldn't adjust a club while the epoxy is drying, but this is a putter and I don't swing it, so I wasn't worried about negatively impacting the strength of the bond.

Don't be as OCD as I was.

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Hardest thing to install to my eye, best thing is prayer. Most double bend putters I see in stores look installed crooked. The last one I did took 5 tries! Also use 5 min epoxy, doesn't matter what the strength is for a putter. Once installed correctly I don't think you can beat them, must be the weighting.

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