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I'm not a single ball type of guy so I tend to move around quite a bit. I go from TP5, to PV1, BXS, Tour Soft, Tour Response. I recently tried an 2020 AVX and really liked the performance especially my short game. I'm not one who skilled enough to suck a ball back a few feet, but the AVX does a very good job of one hop and stop with very little run-off. Plus it's soft enough which is my preferred feel.

:ping-small: G400 MAX  Alta CB- 55

:cobra-small: FW 15* King F-7 :Fuji: PRO-65

:ping-small: G400 Hybrid Alta CB-70

PXG 0211 5-SW Mitsubishi MMT Graphite

:titelist-small: AP1 52* SW TT XP-95

:taylormade-small: MG 58* TT DG Wedge

:bettinardi-1: BB-41

Grips- GP MCC+4



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I tried the previous version of the AVX and for a higher spin player it worked very well for the driver and irons. I found around the greens it truly lacked the control needed to hit the shots that I wanted. Switch to this year and I did try the new AVX and it was significantly improved over the original version around the greens. If they were slightly better priced I could play them.

In my bag:

Driver: :honma: TR20 460 9.5* Vizard TR20 60X

Wood: :mizuno-small: ST200 TS Dimana D+PLUS Limited Edition 70X

Hybrids: :mizuno-small: CLK 19* Tensei CK Pro Blue 80TX

Irons: :honma: TW 747 Rose Proto 4-PW Modus Tour 120X

Wedges: :honma: TW-W4 52*, 56*, and 60*Modus Tour 125 Wedge 

Putter: :seemore-small: Nashville Z1C 34"

 Ball: :bridgestone-small: Tour B X

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After reading the posts and threads a month ago, I decided to try the AVX ball again. Predominately use ProV1x & ProV1's (played a couple of rounds with TP5x and like that ball.  I had first tried the AVX ball back in October, used it once on 10-4-2019, first time on a Par 3, first swing and got a hole in one.  Had not played AVX again! Why ruin a good thing!  True story.  But read many of the posts in this thread and for last 3 weeks have been playing AVX and like the ball.  Like the ball flight and ball might go a bit further than ProV1x. Like jayjay in post above, notice the ball jumps a bit more off SW & LW when chipping around the greens. It seems to come off hotter when chipping vs a ProV1x. I like the 80 compression feel of the AVX.  

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Titleist AP2 714 - Std Length 4, 6-PW - 6.0 Rifle Shaft - 1 degree upright

 Callaway EPIC 9.0 Subzero - set at 10.0 Draw bias - 6.0 Stiff Flex

Fairway Woods:  Callaway 3W & 5W RazrX Black - Stiff Flex

Rescue:  Bobby Jones 21 degree - stiff flex

Wedges: Titleist SM5 - 54 bent to 51 wedge flex; SM5 54 KBS Shaft HiRev2.0 125; SM5 60 wedge flex

Putter: Scotty Cameron - Select Newport 2

Ball: Titleist AVX

Handicap 0.6

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I won't purchase Titleist products on pure principle(long story) but I had a buddy that bought a couple of dozen of the AVX in 2018.   One of the rounds we played I noticed him over many more greens or a good bit past pin high than he was normally.  Finally he was frustrated and on our 16th hole where I had hit a good 8 iron (I play Srixon Zstar or XV depending upon firmness of the greens) he threw a AVX down to me and asked me to take a swing.   Of course I thinned the crap out of it, so he threw down another and I hit it as close as I can to the exact swing I had put on the first swing I made with the Srixon.

It came off the club higher, but then planed out more quickly.  It carried about 7 yards past my Srixon and didn't stop nearly as well.  On the 17th he asked me to hit one again, this time with a 7 iron( I am a high spin, somewhat medium-low trajectory player) and that 7 iron flew about 8 yards past my Srixon and rolled out 15 feet when it landed.

He said that his issue was the ball carried too far and since he is not a high spin player even his PW and GW were releasing, and with the low spin he noticed an even bigger problem hitting iron shots from the rough.  He took the last dozen he had back for a refund and went back to the Srixon.

I did not chip with them, but on the couple of strikes with the irons the ball felt not hard or soft, but they are not built for me.   YMMV

Driver - :ping-small: G400 MAX or G410 LST
Fairways - :taylormade-small: M5 3 wood 
Hybrid(s) - :ping-small: G400 17*) Testing image.png.7f7a383a93e7a299f7531b3180ec8229.png EXS Pro 17*

Irons -  (Testing :Sub70: 639CB and 699 Pro split set) & :taylormade-small:SIM Max 5-PW

Wedges - :cleveland-small: CBX2 50 and 54 and RTX4 58 and 62

Putter - image.png.daabc1cfe5e524adab74c26701e62fb5.png Ocracoke or image.png.6899374f32ce3f490d50912fc5cb89f8.png MA/66
Ball - :srixon-small: Z Star or Z Star XV

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