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Those That Converted From Riders to Walkers: Your experiences...


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Grew up learning to play only being able to walk. Over the years walking vs riding for me depended on which course I held a membership to. Mostly I was able to walk on the courses where I live/d and only rode at resort or course I was totally unfamiliar with (did that a few times to get to know the layout before walking). 

Learned early on to have plenty of water or a bottle that I could fill up from what is provided on the courses. Also walking you are expending more energy and the snacks are of importance. Snacks that don't spike blood sugar (healthy nuts/trail mix like). 

Weather related, a good umbrella and at least a rain jacket (never liked wearing rain pants). I recently added seat to pull cart to sit down on extreme hot rounds if waiting. And a good weather app on phone for receiving lightening in area, approaching storms, etc. Towels, good towels. Ones for clubs and ones for wiping sweat. 

Finally, I keep a training aid like the orange whip for stretching/warming up. Since I don't carry my bag too often, the extra weight is not really a concern and the golf bag I use has sufficient space without cluttering clubs to account for the trainer. 

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What got me to switch to a push cart were three magic words: "Cart Path Only." I used to ride most of the time, but playing cart path only is probably my second least favorite thing in golf. (My least favorite thing is being unable to find a ball that was only a few yards offline.) When it's cart path only, you end up walking just as much as if you had no cart at all -- but only horizontally across the fairway -- and all that back-and-forth slows down play horribly.

My "home" course is built in a flood plain and thus doesn't drain very well, making CPO all too frequent, and I would rather carry my bag on my back than deal with CPO. I found that I enjoyed walking the course, so I switched to a push cart (Clicgear 3.5+) to get the bag off my back and haven't looked back. Now I'll walk even if the course is dry. Walking means I always have my entire bag with me if I change my mind on club selection, and it's easier to find a ball in the rough (or trees) when I can walk along the same line the ball flew.

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Purchased my mother in law a clic gear 3.5+ and she loves it. Very easy to push. I myself prefer to carry. I purchased the ping hoofer bag 2020. The reviews on MGS did not lead me the wrong way. Although expensive I would say it is money well spent. The way it sits in your bag is ergonomic. Everything is planned for easy reaching and applicability 

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Grew up playing tennis, so running, sliding and sprinting was essential and required. It was very challenging to find 4.5/5.0 NTRP level regular games during the daytime in our area. I am very glad my caring loving wife suggested I give golf a try for my regular exercise. Started playing golf regularly 2 years ago by joining the club at a nearby resort after taking a break from tennis. We have an annual family cart plan but I seldom use it. Having a chance to walk the front 9 and enjoy one’s mobility, seeing the terrain and slope change after every other step gives you a different perspective on the game and life in general.

Just like baseball and tennis, I grew to enjoy the game because you get lost in the absence of time. Thankfully, Golf combined with the walking aspect was my therapy to cope with the stressful challenging year 2020. If I wanted to “ride”, I will go bring my kart/track car to the track, but that requires more work and can be a bigger production. Not an arrive and drive person, I work on my cars.

Walking really makes the golf game much more appealing to me. And the solitary nature during most of my rounds is tranquil and zen like. Plus the look on slooow players riding on carts when you pass and play thru them is so priceless specially on the uphill back 9. It’s like lapping back markers on the track. Maybe I should gift for the coming New Year our course marshals blue flags that they can wave and black flags for inconsiderate interlopers that take 15+ minutes to putt out [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]. That should speed up pace of play...

For someone considering walking and a challenging game...try a 4 club round...it’s fun and you get to practice the 4 clubs of your choice. You will be pleasantly surprised with the results! Choose wisely [emoji846]

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When I lived on Long Island I walked with a pull cart. Then Connecticut a pull cart. Once I moved to Tennessee I switched to a push cart. After a while it was affecting my golf game. I play mountain courses currently. So when you have to go up steep hills and have to wait to make your chip or putt because your heart is pounding and your out of breath it wasn't enjoyable.I'm in decent shape but the second hole has a nickname... "heart attack hill" Its more than a just a hill, its an adventure in stamina.

I take a cart these days due to the course. But if I was playing flatter courses I would walk with a push cart. I did look into an electric cart but they were to heavy to get in and out of the trunk with a bad back. I'm sure they are better these days. 

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I’ve always been a walker: I bought my wife a clicgear 4.0 this year so she could walk with me now that she’s good enough to do so. After seeing how nice hers was, I bought myself one. It’s the single best piece of golf equipment I ever purchased. I used to walk flat courses and ride others, now I walk with my golf stroller. I don’t find a correlation between my score or play walking vs riding, but I enjoy my round more when I walk and I get in some exercise as well.

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  • GolfSpy MPR changed the title to Those That Converted From Riders to Walkers: Your experiences...
CG2, I'm also going to throw in an idea for an accessory that should be a must get for someone like you who's thinking it might be a change, and that's a seat that you can attach to whatever cart you get. A lot of the older guys I play with swear by them and considering you don't now how your body is going to react, especially with your recent weight loss, a good investment for sure.

Definitely. I have an MGI Navigator battery operated cart with a seat. On slow days it’s sure nice to be able to sit down. I agree the remote can be distracting but you can also just walk behind it like a push cart without pushing.

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