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Nippon Modus Tour 105 X flex


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At my Mizuno fitting my top 3 picks from the Optimiser were KBS C-Taper Stiff, PX LZ 5.5 and Modus 105 X-Stiff.  It was a choice between the PX and Modus, as I hated the C-Taper. I went with the PX as the dispersion and consistency was better for me. Feel wise it was a toss up. 

My takeaway was weight is important for me. PX LZ 5.5 are 115g, Modus 105 X are 112g. 

Of course, none of this may apply for you, but in my experience they will probably play softer than flex if you are used to a heavier shaft.

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Weight is for timing and consistency. 

Flex is to maximize your efficiency based on your swing transition and speed.

Stated flex by manufacturers can vary to actual flex from one to the next. 

The reality is that you are asking about unrelated pieces. 

I've heard it said that you want to play the lightest shaft you can control. My experience is that too light is wild and too heavy causes me to swing with a flinch to compensate for the speed I want. There was a middle ground I found in the 105-120 range depending on standard length or over length clubs. If I play over length clubs then I go with lighter shafts in the 105-110g range. 

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