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Putting Techniques.

Alf. S

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During lockdown I've been trying to develop a more consistent putting stroke. I'm not a terrible putter but I go through some hot streaks and sometimes where I can't get the ball in the hole. The later is usually at the start of the season, moving to quicker greens and the fact that all through the winter we have gimmes within a putter length. My average per round according to Arccos is 33

If I try a normal grip and start with my arms hanging down as most of the golf books tell you I tend to pull my putts to the left. I attribute this to my left side closing the face. What I've tended to do is point my left elbow at the hole (chicken wing), which has helped, but also hard to get a consistent setup. In lockdown I've now started putting my left fore finger down the grip and this seems to help.

Has anybody got an interesting putting technique?


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I use the feel of moving the heel of the putter moving first. It helps me not open the putter as much moving back which in turn allows me to be more square at impact. 

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Have you tried practicing with just one hand? Tiger Woods technique of practicing with just putting with the right hand and then putting with the left hand. This has helped me get my arms to work together and smooth out my putting stroke. It also helps train yourself to get and keep the putter face squared. 

I have issues with pushing my putts to the right so i practice more with my right arm and working on getting it square at impact. 

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