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3rd broken shaft

Brian A

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13 minutes ago, 1nflteam said:

I also had the same thing happen with a Tour edge 3 wood. Only 3 rounds on it and a range day. 

Great clubs but got tired of sending them back for repair so that’s why I picked up the older AeroBurner black. 

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I broke the shaft of a G25 Driver, in S flex. Git it online for $100 & figured it was a pretty good deal. Club was in great shape.

Two years in, it snapped on the first tee box. Was not too upset because I took the game up at 57, and after learning a ton more about the game, equipment etc. I realized I really should be using a 

Regular Flex Shaft, as my Swing Speed is in the mid 90's, and I'm not getting any younger. Actually played my first year with a torn left MCL which caused me to open my left foot a lot leading to hitting fades on every drive. After I had a scope done, I could then hit the ball straight & began taking some lessons. Still working on shallowing the swing and carry distance. I try to stretch each morning, but at 61 don't know how effective that will be. During covid, I did lose 14 pounds and I think I have put a lot more rotation and follow thru I'm my swing. But, still working on distance.

Took up the game late in life.

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Holy cow, I had this happen this spring to my G400 with the Evenflow Black 60 stiff shaft. The shaft was in my G400 for almost 3 years. I got a replacement and after 3 rounds the same issue occurred. That shaft has been discontinued, but Inwas able to get a 3rd one and that one is holding up, so far. Too weird that this topic popped up now though.

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  • Driver - Ping G400 9°, Project-X Evenflow Black 6.0S 65 gr. 
  • FW - TM M3 3-wood 15°, Project-X HZRDUS Red 6.0 75 gr. mid-spin
  • Hybrid - TM M4 19°, Project-X Evenflow Black 6.0S 85 gr. HY 
  • Irons - TM P790, 3-PW, Oban CT-115
  • Wedges - Cleveland RTX-3 raw, 50/10 & 56/8*
  • Putter - Callaway Bobby Jones BJ-1
  • Getting a grip - oversize Winn DryTacs and Bionic gloves
  • Ball - Snell MTB Black
  • *Going to try some new wedges this year - Mizuno T20 Ion blue 52/9 & 56/14, N.S. Pro Modus3 S-flex, jumbo Golf Pride Tour Velvet
  • Bag(s)/cart - Sun Mountain Synch/TM Flextech Lite, Sun Mountain Micro
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Along the lines of broken shafts, I had an evenflow blue shaft snap at the flex point at the beginning of the season on a normal swing. Under warranty, replaced, sold the driver, upgraded to the Mavrik, all good.

I noticed yesterday that the ferrule on my new driver shaft has crept up a little and now on ~50% I get a “click” on the follow through on the shaft. Is this something I should be worried about/try to fix myself? I am assuming after searching a little that it was an epoxy issue and I can’t move the ferrule with my hand or with a bit of pressure from pliers. I don’t want to really get after it unless I know I’m not going to damage the shaft… other info, it’s an aldila rogue white stiff shaft (standard) and I likely could have the shaft fixed or replaced by Callaway. Thanks in advance for any feedback!

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