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Tiger, Phil and Peyton Manning and Tom Brady Match

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I didn't watch but have read/heard several comments suggesting Manning should/could have been more entertaining on the mic.  Just my opinion but I don't think he was ever going to say anything that may negatively affect his "brand."  He has the potential to make significantly more money post NFL than he ever did in the NFL.  The world is far too sensitive these days and the least little thing could jeopardize that.  I suspected he would be a bit dry.

In no way would Manning do the SNL skit where he is winging footballs at kids and cursing at them in 2020 like he did in 2007.  

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I got to watch a few holes as it was played live on Sunday, but didn't really get to watch the whole thing until yesterday. I really enjoyed it.

Tiger had great form pretty much all day in really crappy conditions.

Brady choked (not surprising for an amateur to crack under the pressure of being on TV and in those conditions). Also, it sounds like TB may have over-prepared for the event which hurt him even more.

Peyton was great - his approach shots on several holes were absolutely brilliant (even if it was for double bogey or worse at times).

Phil was obnoxious, but also entertaining and insightful at times - the explanation of his chip on whatever hole to JT was 100% Phil.

Speaking of JT, I thought he was great - he could easily have a side gig during any event where he misses the cut lol.

Barkley was typical Barkley in the best possible way.

Giving them carts was an unexpected stroke of brilliance if you ask me. Between the additional cameras, pace of play, and opportunity to fill-in dead space, it worked out great.

 I'd definitely watch another event like this if executed in similar fashion, but you have to have the right personalities on the course as well as a touch of fireworks - the latter of which was lacking in the first The Match and even a bit during the TM Driving Relief event.

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